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Breaking Ordinary with Andy Petranek

This is a show about raising the bar, improving your life, transforming your health, fitness, and well-being, and shattering the status quo. Andy's guests are people who have found the inner strength and confidence to lead from the front, to stand out, be different, and to truly make a difference in the world of health, fitness, and well-being. Their incredible, inspiring stories will help you generate ideas that spring you forward into action.

info_outline 168: Philip Folsom - on Connecting, Kinship, and Tribes 05/27/2020
info_outline 167: Carolyn Freyer-Jones on Finding Certainty in Uncertainty 05/21/2020
info_outline 166: Dr. Dawn DeSylvia - How Your Beliefs About Healing Matter. Leaky Gut and Inflammation. Chelation for Heavy Metals Removal. And more... 11/08/2019
info_outline 165: Max Shank - On Attention, Self-Talk, and The Daily Essentials of Movement 06/04/2019
info_outline 164: Natalie Dau - Founder of Rockstar Fit App and Dailyscape.com 03/19/2019
info_outline 163: Gabby Reece - On Training with Intention, Why Context Matters, and Why You Should Be Breathing Through Your Nose 02/13/2019
info_outline 162: Dai Manuel: On Life, Leadership, And COOing Your Life 01/26/2019
info_outline 161: David Meltzer: On Killing Them with Kindness and Value 01/14/2019
info_outline 160: Dr. Ian Dunican: Perform Better Through Sleep 12/21/2018
info_outline 159: Dr. Sean Pastuch - Unconventional Healing Through Movement, Load, and Time 12/06/2018
info_outline 158: Bart Yasso - Stories from a Lifetime of Running the World Over 11/30/2018
info_outline 157: Ara Katz and Raja Dhir - On Gut Science, the Microbiome, and Probiotics 11/17/2018
info_outline 156: Thad Beaty - Music That Moves 11/06/2018
info_outline 155: Katja Pantzar - The Finnish Way Through Sisu 10/26/2018
info_outline 154: Mark Sisson: On Cholesterol, Keto, and Each of the WLC's 7 Daily Habits 10/16/2018
info_outline 153: Sarah Ballantyne — The Paleo Mom on How Eating Real Food Can Change Everything 10/03/2018
info_outline 152: Farmer Paul Greive - Most "Free Range Organic" Chickens Never See the Light of Day 09/21/2018
info_outline 151: Kevin Rose — Lifehacker, Visionary Tech Investor, and CEO of Oak Meditation 09/11/2018
info_outline 150: Tracy Sundlun — Co-Founder of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series 08/28/2018
info_outline 149: Dr. Mark Goulston — Transforming Relationships and Upgrading Your Happy Through Listening 08/13/2018
info_outline 148: Josh Mantz - Back From the Dead With a Message About Living 08/02/2018
info_outline 147: Kevin Carter — Father, Philanthropist, Former NFL Player & Super Bowl Champion 07/23/2018
info_outline 146: Charles Mayfield — Farmer, Father, and Bestselling Author of Paleo Comfort Foods 07/17/2018
info_outline 145: Paul Chek— Founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute 07/10/2018
info_outline 144: Katie Wells — The Wellness Mama 07/02/2018
info_outline 143: Megan Morrone — TWiT.tv Host, Mother, Whole Life Challenger 06/25/2018
info_outline 142: Jimmy Rosenberg — if You Juice it, They Will Come 06/18/2018
info_outline 141: Dr. Jeremy Brook — The Healing Art of Chiropractic and Movement 06/11/2018
info_outline 140: Ronnie Teasdale -- On Unicycling, Water, Sound Healing and Supercharging Your Life 06/04/2018
info_outline 139: Michael Gervais -- On Unraveling the Secrets of Masters 05/19/2018