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Forensic Finance

Forensic Finance is a podcast exploring if and how banks can help solve urgent global issues. Forensic Finance is made by TNW and ABN AMRO and is hosted by Callum Booth.

underthedatascope's podcast

Under the DataScope A six-episode podcast series from the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator at Harvard Business School, showcasing the most important companies—their innovations and their progress—that bring data & analytics technologies to precision medicine today. Discussions focus on the business models, technologies, and proof points of data & analytics leaders to illuminate the richness of this landscape today and its fast-paced future progress. Guests include: • John Wilbanks - Chief Commons Officer, Sage Bionetworks • David Shaywitz - Senior Partner, Takeda Ventures • Jeff Elton – CEO, Concerto Health AI • Wout Brusselaars – Founder & CEO, Deep6 • Richard Williams - Managing Director & CMO, Wuxi NextCode • Eyal Gura - Founder & CEO, Zebra Medical Division

The NonFunGerbils Podcast

The NonFunGerbils Podcast explores the world of non-fungible assets and the growing decentralised economy. Each week Luke and George host an interesting guest who is involved in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. Different NFT projects are explored during ‘Show & Tell’. Each episode a new set of NonFunGerbil NFTs is given away to the listeners who come up with the funniest / most entertaining descriptions for that gerbil. The very best suggestion gets that description minted into the NFT and artwork created to match. Tune in for more details.

Become you

Dieser Podcast ist für alle die Wachstum und Fortschritt im beruflichen Leben aber auch im privaten Leben erleben möchten. Ich helfe Dir in Deine Kraft zu kommen und Dich persönlich weiter zu entwickeln. Zusammen starten wir Deine Reise zu einem erfüllten Leben.

The Imagineers Pavilion

Your one-way ticket to all things Disney! The Imagineers Pavilion takes an in-depth look at the attractions and parks that we all love. Tune-in for expert interviews, Disney history, and the latest news in and out of the parks. Hosted by Carmine Valentino; A Disney super-fan and Engineer with a passion for uncovering the science, and technology behind the magic! Learn more at http://imagineerspavilion.com

The Swifty Podcast

Through the lenses of design, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and anything else they can think of, Swifty Scooters founders Jason and Camilla chat with a menagerie of different characters. Laid-back and unscripted, The Swifty Podcast celebrates inspirational people from all walks - or scoots - of life. Please let us know what topics you'd like us to cover by commenting on YouTube!

The Cloud Secrets Show

Welcome to the Cloud Secrets podcast! This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to become the Cloud Expert in your area, without having to make any investments in hard- and software who provides customers with a secure and safe Cloud foundation. HOW do you start in a way that lets you offer your products and services and start making money straight away? Learn from Marcel Martens, the world-famous Cloud Expert and founder of M - IT Services. Inside each episode, Marcel shares his biggest “a-ha moments” and Cloud secrets with complete transparency. These will include all the Business lessons learned, my strategy to market and sell, Marcel take you with him into his world and shares his personal journey and secrets on how to grow your business to € 1.000.000 or more without having to loan any money EVER.

Radio ditto

Welcome to Radio Ditto. A tech, art and culture podcast channel for your uptime and your downtime featuring a diverse range of speakers, doers, shakers and movers. Each month, we’ll be bringing you four different episodes: Our first format is Big Boost, a power talk to kickstart your month with inspirational speakers from the world of tech, art and culture. Bytes and Pieces is a round of quickfire questions aimed at exciting FinTech companies. The Download is a deep dive into trends currently shaping technology. Look out for global, big names, from capital markets guru’s to blockchain software pioneers. If music is your main groove, why not join us on our Sonic Adventures, a journey through the past, present and future of electronic music. Make sure you are subscribed to our Radio ditto channel for the newest episodes and happenings. If you would like to know more about any of the points covered in our podcasts, please reach out to ditto through our socials @dittotv. If you’ve got a tale to tell and a voice for radio, why not drop us a message on mike@ditto.tv to discuss featuring on one of our shows. To take a look at our exciting work and projects, check out our website ditto.tv

TechVibe Radio

Podcasts from TechVibe Radio, now on KDKA 1020 AM every Wednesday at 7 PM. The Pittsburgh Technology Council's Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting interview Pittsburgh's most dynamic technology companies and entrepreneurs.

Inside Podcasting

Welcome to Inside Podcasting! Join Skye Pillsbury as she interviews podcast hosts about their craft.

Growth Journeys

“Growth Journeys” is a podcast series from TCV, one of the largest growth equity firms, which has been backing private and public technology companies since 1995. Listen to founders, CEOs and other innovators as they unpack the lessons and patterns from their personal and professional journeys in building and scaling high-growth businesses to category leadership. The statements, views, and opinions expressed are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect those of TCMI, Inc. or its affiliates (“TCV”). TCV has not verified the accuracy of any statements by the speakers and disclaims any responsibility therefor. This interview is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in any private fund managed or sponsored by TCV or any of the securities of any company discussed. The TCV portfolio companies identified, if any, are not necessarily representative of all TCV investments and no assumption should be made that the investments identified were or will be profitable. For a complete list of TCV investments, please visit www.tcv.com/all-companies. For additional important disclaimers, please see “Informational Purposes Only” in the Terms of Use for TCV’s website, available at http://www.tcv.com/terms-of-use/.

Stably Talk Show

Stably Talk Show ~ Where we talk about anything and everything in the cryptocurrency space: Stablecoins, Blockchain, FinTech, DeFi, etc www.stably.io Twitter.com/stablycoin Facebook.com/stablycoin Linkedin.com/company/stably http://stably.libsyn.com/website