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The Savvy Creative

The Savvy Creative with Christina Castaneda features award winning audio fiction with magic, Romance and dark thrillers, fully produced by indie writers and creative talent. We also celebrate indie authors, screenwriters, playwrights and creatives who produce and publish their stories with writer interviews.

Black Romance Podcast

The Black Romance Podcast features weekly conversations with Black writers, editors, and scholars of historical and contemporary popular romance fiction. Julie Moody-Freeman and guests talk about a range of experiences: their difficulties trying to publish love stories with Black characters; their favorite books; writing and teaching about black romance fiction; traditional vs self-publishing; publishing queer romance fiction; and their recently released books.

Haunting Season

Haunting Season is a weekly Podcast, produced by Believe Limited and Matt Gielen and hosted by Joshua Sterling Bragg and Cody Dugan. The show was originally built as a digital campfire around which to tell scary stories. Bragg launched Haunting Season in February of 2013 and released one compact paranormal story per week. By the end of 2015 Haunting Season had gained 16K subscribers. The show went on hiatus for undisclosed reasons but has remained on Bragg’s mind these past five years…. Today, the show faces a new chapter as an audio/ video podcast. The reimagined Haunting Season keeps storytelling at its core with a two part original story every month (best listened to in the dark with headphones). The Haunting Season story experience is meant to fully engage your senses - with a high quality 360 degree audio journey that is built to transport, transfix, and (occasionally) terrify listeners. In addition to the HS story experience, Josh is joined by Co-Host (radio personality and fellow horror enthusiast) Cody Dugan. Together they talk about what they find scary and to people that have experienced the paranormal first hand. They will talk about the historic hauntings and how beliefs in the paranormal vary between different cultures. They also review supernatural films and books, speak with fear-topic authors and filmmakers, and occasionally take a look back at the HS archive of scary stories…. and (super) naturally, live shows can be expected around annual haunting traditions such as All Hallow’s Eve. Haunting Season isn’t just about scares, it’s about facing the unknown and taking a deep look at some of life’s most challenging unanswered questions… the afterlife, the sensory fog of feeling something just out of reach…. The show is for truth seekers, skeptics and genre-fans alike - and for anyone that has ever been transfixed while aiming to answer the question: what happens after you die?

100 Words of Astounding Beauty

A flash-fiction podcast where a handful of writers each make a story with a limited wordcount in a limited time. Each writer has just an audio prompt and five minutes to make a first draft. Then a fellow writer will give them the edits and suggestions they need to reach those final one hundred words. Created by Tom McNally for Red Button Audio

Hearing the Haunted

Hearing the Haunted is an audio drama anthology podcast created within the Sireniverse, a term that was spawned from Sirenicide, a serialized audio drama podcast that started in 2016. The Sirenistyle of story telling lives on through Hearing the Haunted and might even shed some new light on some old friends. However, these stories stand on their own and are enjoyable with no knowledge of the serialized show. The host and creator of Hearing the Haunted, Johnny Stitches, will introduce each tale before it begins. The stories here will range from a haunting assortment of horror, drama, mystery, romance, comedy and beyond. HTH releases each story as their own episode. The show is listener and creator funded with a growing community of supporters from all over the world.

Grimwell County

From the creator of STARCALLED comes a western horror serial set deep in the wicked heart of Texas. GRIMWELL COUNTY follows the adventures of Deacon Langley and the gunslinger, Church McMillan, as they encounter the nightmares of the dark Texan frontiers. Intended for a mature audience. Listener discretion is advised.

Borderland: Love and severance on the new frontier

In 2036 a new nation is born: Borderland. It’s a wild and dangerous new frontier where what’s mine is yours, if you can take it. These songs and stories chronicle three generations of its inhabitants struggling to love and live in a land designed to divide. Written, performed and produced by Mark Alan Elliott For more: mark-elliott.net/borderland

Defrost (Voyage of the Volery #1)

Those who planned humanity’s escape from a doomed Earth didn’t wait for crowdfunding or positive public opinion polls. Construction on the UESS Volery was well underway when stories about Apophis colliding with Earth began to move from pseudo-science blogs to the front pages of the Associated Press. That was lucky. There wouldn’t have been time, otherwise. The ship was assembled in space, secretly, on the far side of the moon, and they finished her ahead of schedule. That was lucky, too. The world was running out of time. On the very day video imagery of the Remote Manipulator System's robotic arm breaking a bottle of Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar Champagne against the nanocarbite steel of her saucer section flashed across the Net on Earth, Apophis was sighted in the night sky. Soon afterward people could see Apophis with their naked eyes, but the Volery remained hidden. Even though the moon shrouded her in secrecy, she was talked about all over the Earth. People knew she was huge. Photographs of her sections, under construction, were leaked to the Net. People knew she was assembled in space. There were witnesses when one section or another launched past the Earth's atmosphere. Finally, people knew she was the most expensive craft humanity ever built. She took a multinational effort, funded by various governments and a few prominent billionaires. George A.C. Voler spent his entire fortune on her. At first, his family and friends mocked him, but he figured he got the last laugh. His money bought him a first-class berth and the honor of having the ship named for him. Her name was officially recorded as Volery, but George had Voler’s Folly emblazoned on her side in 24-carat gold leaf. The lettering was big enough, he ensured it, to see it clearly from observatories on earth. When the world gathered to watch his ship swing out from behind the moon and shoot toward space, George made sure a few people he knew were invited to sit in front row seats at Atacama. Anna Louise Smith was aboard that day. She escaped from Earth in cabin 347 on Deck 5. That was lucky, too. Somehow Anna had been accepted as a deckhand second class in the Volery’s Civilian Conservation Corps even though she hadn’t officially qualified. (Her test scores were a single point too low.) Anna suspected her boyfriend engineered a clerical error or pulled in a favor to get her name on the roster, and she knew better than to ask too many questions. When it was time to leave Earth, Anna rode the shuttle transport to the Volery, and then she sank obediently into the deep freeze. It was going to be a long trip, and luck had run out.

Tales from the Creepery

A weekly series exploring the disturbing, the dismaying, the dreadful and the dismal. Brought to you by the twisted imagination of author, Richard Curtis.

The Karl Darkcruzer Saga Chronicles

Self-described legendary science fiction author T.L.Dawnstar presents the world's first episodic audiobookcast of the critically reviewed The Karl Darkcruzer Saga Chronicles, Book one: The Universe Cone! Read by the author and an all-star cast of not-actors. Featuring state-of-the-art duvet-based sound proofing techniques and wildly varying audio quality, this Dawnstar audio production brings the world of the classic 90s novel to life in your very ears! Accused of a crime he didn’t commit; infamous space pirate Karl Darkcruzer must embark on a galaxy-spanning quest for the mythical Universe Cone. Accompanied by fast-talking, take-no-prisoners reporter Felicity Phobos, Darkcruzer must delve face-first into a rich-woven universe where friends become enemies and enemies became acquaintances.

The PikeCast: A Book Club Podcast On Christopher Pike

The PikeCast is an in-depth discussion of the work of YA horror author Christopher Pike. Like your favorite book club, in each episode, we break down one of his novels and discuss it from a modern perspective as well as looking through our teenage eyes at the violence, sex, and goofiness that was so prevalent in his writing.


First debuted over the Blue Network on October 12, 1937, the show’s title accurately described Keen’s stock-in-trade; the “kindly old investigator” tracked down individuals who had mysteriously vanished, leaving behind their families, homes, jobs and other day-to-day activities.