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Talking Till Dawn

Unexplained mysteries, curiosities, eerie urban legends, tragic true crime... Mike and Martin discuss the dark oddities of life, with warmth, humour, an open mind, and a critical eye in this fresh new podcast from the team behind the Ghastly Tales Horror Show. Turn down the lights, pour a drink, and stay up with us as we talk till dawn. Tweet us @talkingtill

Murder in Mauritius Podcast

The dark side of a paradise island. On the 10th January 2011, whilst on honeymoon with her new husband John, Michaela McAreavey was murdered in her hotel room. Two hotel employees would be charged with her murder and later acquitted by a Mauritian jury in 2012. To this day, justice for Michaela has still not been delivered. This podcast details with the harrowing events of her murder together with the shambolic court proceedings during her murder trial in 2012, as told by John McAreavey and two of the family members who would accompany John as he returned to Mauritius in 2012 to give evidence, Claire McAreavey and Mark Harte.

Now Let's Take A Look

This podcast will explore a variety of subjects in the area of wrongful convictions. This will include how they occur, to whom they occur and what steps we, as a society, can take to prevent them from happening. As a result, we will also discuss flaws in the criminal justice system and explore ways we can bring about change by way of criminal justice reform. Each episode will also include my personal opinion on current events in the news, music and entertainment industry or what’s trending on social media. In short, social commentary. This section may even be something that has happened in my world that I just want to comment on. It may be of a humorous or serious nature but I’m sure it will be something most of us are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

Look, I'm Just Saying

Look, I'm just saying: The podcast where we get real about those burning questions we ALL have and hand out our favorite thing; the world's best unsolicited life advice. From serial killers to parenting, you can bet that we we've got something to say about it and we are here to dish it out with a side of snark.

Humane Justice

The podcast which examines the place of kindness, hope and compassion within the justice system. It tells personal stories that show how these very values are saving lives on a daily basis. Each episode is a chapter taken from a book called Humane Justice, published by the charity Khulisa as part of the Monument Fellowship - a collective of eight organisations that work together to transform the journeys people take through our justice system. You can download the book for free at www.khulisa.co.uk/resources/humane-justice It's produced by the Prison Radio Association. www.khulisa.co.uk www.prison.radio

TTELA Dokumentär

TTELA Dokumentär går på djupet och berättar historien bakom uppmärksammade fall och händelser.

Sinister Sanctuary

Welcome to the Podcast of Terror being brought to you by the Sisters of Sinister Sanctuary Alexis and Corlyn. Each show will bring you fright as we explore the realms of the supernatural, paranormal, urban legends, serial killers, true crime and much much more!!! Let's just say it is our little asylum of sin.........

The Crime Hub

The Crime Hub is a unique podcast that looks to bring together both crime fact and crime fiction. The show features a range of interviews with experts involved with leading criminal cases as well as fictional short stories.

Authors' Resource Show

Writing a mystery/thriller/or suspense novel? You need experts. Hosted by two professional novelists, the Authors' Resource Show brings you cops, lawyers, reporters, judges, expert witnesses, and more. All interviewed with the author in mind. The Authors' Resource Show brings the research to you - so you can get to work writing your next bestseller!

ENOUGH: The Monique Baza Story Podcast

Headline News of kidnapping and rape is the norm on Guam, a United States Territory. Each Thursday, join Tricia Santos-Lujan, writer and producer of The Monique Baza Story, as she weaves you through the life of Monique Baza and uncovers the beginnings of what we come to support as the #GuamENOUGH movement. On October 2012, Monique Baza was abducted, beaten, raped and lived to face her attacker's in court. She saw the many flaws of the Guam justice system as she witnessed the lenient releases of several career criminals, including an accomplice in her case. After her rights as a victim were constantly violated by those who took an oath to protect the community, she broke the cultural norm and challenged the government for change, all while rallying an entire island community behind her. In the Spring of 2019 Monique re-ignites her passion to be the voice for victims when a little girl is kidnapped while walking to her bus stop and is raped by a recently released pedophile. Monique realizes things have only gotten worse and she must act. Learn more about this story and support the movement.

Channeling Atticus

Channeling Atticus is a law podcast from the legal mind of lawyer and former judge Matt Green and citizen host Johnny Gwin. This show discusses everyday criminal and civil issues and how it affects each and every one of us. All rise - Channeling Atticus is now in session.

Трасса 161
Трасса 161

Третий сезон «Трассы 161» называется «Дом на окраине» и посвящен истории, случившейся в Нижнем Тагиле. В 2003 году там пропал 16-летний Дима Чебыкин. У родителей требовали выкуп, а спустя два дня подростка нашли мертвым. Под подозрение попали несколько человек, но доказать их причастность к похищению не удалось. Дело оставалось нераскрытым почти 20 лет.