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Easy Prey

Chris Parker, the founder of WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, interviews guests and tells real-life stories about topics to open your eyes to the danger and traps lurking in the real world, ranging from online scams and frauds to everyday situations where people are trying to take advantage of you—for their gain and your loss. Our goal is to educate and equip you, so you learn how to spot the warning signs of trouble, take quick action, and lower the risk of becoming a victim.

info_outline 5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Predators with Michael Buraimoh 11/29/2023
info_outline The Evolution of Digital Identity with Philipp Pointner 11/22/2023
info_outline Preventing and Reporting Cyber Attacks with Robert Karas 11/15/2023
info_outline Support to Navigate the Justice System with Rachel Gibson 11/08/2023
info_outline Human Trafficking Into Scam Call Centers with Matt Friedman 11/01/2023
info_outline Active Shooter Preparedness with Katherine Schweit 10/25/2023
info_outline The Passwords Are the Problem with Thierry Gagnon and Philippe Desmarais 10/18/2023
info_outline 5 Ways to Stay Safe Online with Patrick McNamara 10/11/2023
info_outline Tracking Down Scammers with Ryan Kelly 10/04/2023
info_outline World Romance Scam Prevention Day - October 3rd with Kathy Waters and Bryan Denny 09/27/2023
info_outline Stopping Financial Fraud with Giles Mason 09/20/2023
info_outline Buyer Beware with Marta Tellado 09/13/2023
info_outline Scambaiting with Pierogi 09/06/2023
info_outline Being Foolproof to Misinformation with Sander van der Linden 08/30/2023
info_outline Why We Fall for Scams with Chris Chabris and Dan Simons 08/23/2023
info_outline Securing IoT and Cyber Warfare with Mikko Hypponen 08/16/2023
info_outline Behavioral Analysis From an FBI Expert with Robin Dreeke 08/09/2023
info_outline 7 Flags of MLM with Roberta Blevins 08/02/2023
info_outline Reading and Understanding Behavior with Chase Hughes 07/26/2023
info_outline Ever-Changing Cyber Crime with Raj Samani 07/19/2023
info_outline What NOT to Do When Wiretapping the Government with Bryan Seely 07/12/2023
info_outline The Human Side of Cyber Security with Jessica Barker 07/05/2023
info_outline Diet Culture and Wellness Traps with Christy Harrison 06/28/2023
info_outline New and Improved Nigerian Scams with Ronnie Tokazowski 06/21/2023
info_outline 10 Types of Identity Crimes with Eva Velasquez 06/14/2023
info_outline The Science of Social Engineering with Chris Hadnagy 06/07/2023
info_outline Preventing Email Attacks with Kiri Addison 05/31/2023
info_outline The Balance Between Privacy and Protection with John Pizzuro 05/24/2023
info_outline Intersection of AI and Cybersecurity with Paul Valente 05/17/2023
info_outline Financial Vulnerability and Social Isolation with Marti DeLiema, PhD 05/10/2023