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Chris Parker, the founder of WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, interviews guests and tells real-life stories about topics to open your eyes to the danger and traps lurking in the real world, ranging from online scams and frauds to everyday situations where people are trying to take advantage of you—for their gain and your loss. Our goal is to educate and equip you, so you learn how to spot the warning signs of trouble, take quick action, and lower the risk of becoming a victim.

info_outline Next Gen Romance Scams with Anna Rowe 05/22/2024
info_outline Challenges of Employee Onboarding and Offboarding with Craig Davies 05/15/2024
info_outline 5 Common Uses of Synthetic IDs with Stuart Wells 05/08/2024
info_outline Vantage Travel Bankruptcy with Michelle Couch Friedman 05/01/2024
info_outline Cybersecurity for Everyday People with Greg Tomchick 04/24/2024
info_outline Misunderstanding Victims of Romance Fraud 04/17/2024
info_outline Scams Exploiting Emotions with Alan Castel 04/10/2024
info_outline 3 Types of Insider Fraud with Claire Maillet 04/03/2024
info_outline 5 Fraud Vulnerability Factors with Martina Dove 03/27/2024
info_outline Hacker Tactics with John Hammond 03/20/2024
info_outline Top 5 Supply Chain Risks with Kevin Kumpf 03/13/2024
info_outline The Risks and Rewards of Cryptocurrencies with Natalie Brunell 03/06/2024
info_outline Tax Scams with Richard Gilbert 02/28/2024
info_outline Virtual Kidnapping with Titania Jordan 02/21/2024
info_outline Balancing Privacy, Security, and Accountability with Kurt Long 02/14/2024
info_outline 5 Alerts to Prevent Identity Theft with Paige Hanson 02/07/2024
info_outline Advances in Everyday Tech with Leo Laporte 01/31/2024
info_outline Financial Exploitation of Older Adults with Joyce Petrowski 01/24/2024
info_outline Advances in Crypto with Bam Azizi 01/17/2024
info_outline How Minds Change with David McRaney 01/10/2024
info_outline The Intersection of Technology and Domestic Violence with Audace Garnett 01/03/2024
info_outline 4 Ways to Reduce Cybercrime with Roger Grimes 12/27/2023
info_outline Fake vs. Taken-Over Accounts with Jason Kent and Will Glazier 12/20/2023
info_outline The Changing World of Data Breaches with Troy Hunt 12/13/2023
info_outline When Conservatorships Go Wrong with Diane Dimond 12/06/2023
info_outline 5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Predators with Michael Buraimoh 11/29/2023
info_outline The Evolution of Digital Identity with Philipp Pointner 11/22/2023
info_outline Preventing and Reporting Cyber Attacks with Robert Karas 11/15/2023
info_outline Support to Navigate the Justice System with Rachel Gibson 11/08/2023
info_outline Human Trafficking Into Scam Call Centers with Matt Friedman 11/01/2023