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Episode #5: The June Reset Series

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Release Date: 06/04/2020

Womb Work — The Evolution of Wealth in Sisterhood show art Womb Work — The Evolution of Wealth in Sisterhood

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Welcome to episode six of The Jolly Journey podcast! In this episode, I discuss the power of sisterhood and the roadblocks to creating wealth your way.

Get Clear: What Comes Next- Own a Perspective show art Get Clear: What Comes Next- Own a Perspective

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Building on the lessons found in the legacy narrative of Juneteenth lets review the journey so far. here are five points to remember what matters most along your journey to the next phase of this post-400-year journey.

Saving the Union, Are YOU Committed? show art Saving the Union, Are YOU Committed?

The Jolly Journey Podcast

What union are you saving?

Are We There Yet, What Pressure Are You Feeling? show art Are We There Yet, What Pressure Are You Feeling?

The Jolly Journey Podcast

This week's #Reset Juneteenth Series Podcast is about Pressure. So much is happening in our world that impacts all of us both the present and our future, do you feel the pressure of the promise? Are we headed in the direction you desire to go? Together let’s explore the hidden equity in the Juneteenth Narrative related to pressure and influence. To #getClear we connect the dots between the legacies of Horace Greeley and Dr. Martin Luther King to determine what do to about the pressure we are feeling.

Episode #5: The June Reset Series show art Episode #5: The June Reset Series

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Podcast Title: What time is it?

The Bigger Picture show art The Bigger Picture

The Jolly Journey Podcast

In this episode, I shift the focus of the bigger picture to you and your vision. We are on the brink of starting a fresh, new decade, so now is the perfect time to clarify your perspective about what matters to you, what is most important to you, and what are you going to focus on for the next 10 years of your life.

The Difference Between Story and Narrative show art The Difference Between Story and Narrative

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Welcome to episode two of The Jolly Journey podcast! Your story and your narrative are two different things due to one major reason; your narrative starts before you are born. In this episode, I explain the difference between your story and a narrative, and why it is so important for you to own your narrative.

Welcome to the Jolly Journey show art Welcome to the Jolly Journey

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Welcome to The Jolly Journey podcast! I am honored to invite you to the newest chapter of my journey. In this introduction episode, I discuss how I came to start the Jolly Journey and what you can expect to hear on the podcast.

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Podcast Title: What time is it?

Knowing the time of your RESET requires you to look beyond the distractions and face the real conflicts in your life so that YOU can reach your ultimate goals. Reaching your ultimate goals means that more of us can see the road ahead. SEEING IS BELIEVING FOR MANY.

About the NarrowRoad™

The NarrowRoad™ is a meta-pattern, which is a pattern of patterns about faith, finance, legacy, business, and the many things that reside in between. Explored through frameworks, journeyers are guided on culturally relevant ways to define and pursue wealth their way. Click here to buy the book.

About the June Reset Series:

A #RESET is a time to reflect on ways to “do things differently” to navigate a road many have traveled from your unique perspective capitalizing on the inherited opportunities of the time you have been given to do so. The June #Reset is all about resetting our vision for the future post the 400 years journey we have just ended.

Link 1: Join the Journey

The Juneteenth RESET is a 5 part series — join the journey to learn lessons from our history.

Link 2: The Reset Vision Survey

Click here to take the RESET VISION Survey 

Link 3: Plan to ensure your legacy wealth continues

Learn about the Legacy of Wills

Start Writing Your Will Today

Link 4: More about the Reset Podcast Series

Click here for a Video Overview of the RESET Series

Click here for updates on the Podcast and related events

Financial News to Use

Financial Wellness in the Time of COVID-19

The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic disruptions are staggering. Millions of Americans are facing unemployment, reduced hours, or—if they’re self-employed— a decline in revenue. As many businesses and financial institutions have been encouraged to work with consumers during this difficult time, you should not hesitate to contact your lenders, your landlord, or your utility providers if you or your household are facing hardship due to COVID-19.

Below, are answered several common questions about managing finances during this challenging time from RocketLawyer.com (a black-owned company).

Wellness in the Time of COVID

COVID19 Legal Documents for Families

COVID19: Get legally Prepared

Framework Introduced in this Podcast: VisionReset

Along the NarrowRoad™, there is a framework for vision that consists of ideas dreams, missions, purpose, and promise. This podcast invites you to think about your inherited time to RESET thee vision for the future and its various time, chances and seasons in this way:

  • Ideas are the grandfather and mother of great things,
  • Dreams — the father and mother of opportunities
  • Missions — the aunties and uncles of progress,
  • Purpose — the cousins that keep us connected for such a time as this.
  • A Promise allows us to recognize that while things take time, legacy wealth is well worth the wait.
  • Hindsight is always 2020. There is nothing new under the sun, except for one thing — your RESET perspective.

Framework Reflection to Consider (Quiz)

  1. Ideas are glimpses of the future that has yet to come.
    1. QUESTION: What Idea have you been given during this global pandemic?
    2. QUESTION: How far into the future will it take for this idea to materialize?
    3. QUESTION: Will the impact of your ideas be realized in your lifetime or the next or beyond that?
  2. Dreams anchor us to a place and time — MLK dreamed of equality in America for his Children’s generation, a dream whose pursuit that would impact us all for generations.
    1. What is your dream for now?
    2. What must you learn to feel more confident in its pursuit in this decade?
  3. Question about what time your RESET it is. As we reflect back 400 years, I want you to THINK About what you are igniting along the road ahead with your flame.

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This episode is brought to you by Torch Enterprises Inc. Torch stands for passing the torch from one generation to build legacy wealth via ownership and equity in our communities.  For more information go to torch-enterprises.com

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