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Get Clear: What Comes Next- Own a Perspective

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Release Date: 06/25/2020

Get Clear: What Comes Next- Own a Perspective show art Get Clear: What Comes Next- Own a Perspective

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Building on the lessons found in the legacy narrative of Juneteenth lets review the journey so far. here are five points to remember what matters most along your journey to the next phase of this post-400-year journey.

Saving the Union, Are YOU Committed? show art Saving the Union, Are YOU Committed?

The Jolly Journey Podcast

What union are you saving?

Are We There Yet, What Pressure Are You Feeling? show art Are We There Yet, What Pressure Are You Feeling?

The Jolly Journey Podcast

This week's #Reset Juneteenth Series Podcast is about Pressure. So much is happening in our world that impacts all of us both the present and our future, do you feel the pressure of the promise? Are we headed in the direction you desire to go? Together let’s explore the hidden equity in the Juneteenth Narrative related to pressure and influence. To #getClear we connect the dots between the legacies of Horace Greeley and Dr. Martin Luther King to determine what do to about the pressure we are feeling.

Episode #5: The June Reset Series show art Episode #5: The June Reset Series

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Podcast Title: What time is it?

The Bigger Picture show art The Bigger Picture

The Jolly Journey Podcast

In this episode, I shift the focus of the bigger picture to you and your vision. We are on the brink of starting a fresh, new decade, so now is the perfect time to clarify your perspective about what matters to you, what is most important to you, and what are you going to focus on for the next 10 years of your life.

The Difference Between Story and Narrative show art The Difference Between Story and Narrative

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Welcome to episode two of The Jolly Journey podcast! Your story and your narrative are two different things due to one major reason; your narrative starts before you are born. In this episode, I explain the difference between your story and a narrative, and why it is so important for you to own your narrative.

Welcome to the Jolly Journey show art Welcome to the Jolly Journey

The Jolly Journey Podcast

Welcome to The Jolly Journey podcast! I am honored to invite you to the newest chapter of my journey. In this introduction episode, I discuss how I came to start the Jolly Journey and what you can expect to hear on the podcast.

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Podcast #4

Get Clear: Own Your Position on the Road to Next

Point #1:  Get Clear on your Perspective — Align with your Elders 

Building on the first lesson of perspective and how there are four dimensions of vision, take some time to learn from those who have traveled this journey longer than you.  Commit to speaking with elders to learn their perspective of what comes next. 

Point #2: Get Clear — Understand what comes after the win 

So much has happened in this month, many great things are beginning to take root.  Leaders are taking a stand for things our ancestors could only pray for. Know that after the win the real work begins, the pace slows and the progress requires effort.  What is your role in this new chapter we are beginning? Take time to get clear on what next and your role in it. 

Point #3: Get Clear - Feel the Pressure and Use it for our good.

Take some time to take in all that has happened this month, and feel it, recognize that while feelings aren't facts they are indicators and they can be fuel for what comes next.  Use it to get in position for what comes next. 

Point #4: Get Clear: Your responsibility to Save the Union

Saving the union means saving the business of whatever matters for you.  What is your role and responsibility to keep things together in what comes next? Get Clear, get in position, and be about your business.

Point #5: Get Clear - Reset Juneteenth

When I look at the statistics many, like those 250,000 slaves of Juneteenth were invited a little late to the Wealth Creation party. Know that a delay is not denial; follow the lead of what came 8 years after the Juneteenth Memo in 1872. This part of our Legacy reveals what always comes next — a group of like-minded and spirited people chooses to pool their capital together to fund what's important for the advancement of freedom.  Work with your friends and family, pool capital, and own your position in what comes next, follow the Juneteenth lead, and reset it your way.  Enjoy the journey! 

The Juneteenth RESET is a 5 part series — join the journey to learn lessons from our history. 


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