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Legalization: A poison Pill Pt.2

The CannaBS Detector

Release Date: 04/13/2021

Investigations Aren't Just For Crimes show art Investigations Aren't Just For Crimes

The CannaBS Detector

Have you ever wondered how legit an associating business is, or the people within it? Are you investing into a business with someone you aren’t entirely sure of? Well, lucky for you, we’re speaking with Tanya Hoke, an due diligence investigator.

If Cultivation Walls Could Talk show art If Cultivation Walls Could Talk

The CannaBS Detector

You know the saying, “If you build it, they will come”? In the cannabis industry, more specifically indoor cultivation, if you build it poorly, all sorts of problems will come. That’s not a maybe, that’s a guarantee.

Let's Talk Terpenes - And Get a Little Controversial show art Let's Talk Terpenes - And Get a Little Controversial

The CannaBS Detector

From CHS to drug interactions to the compounds in your concentrates, why do stoners avoid these topics? No cannabis users want to talk badly about cannabis, especially with its historical stigma surrounding the plant. But whether you like it or not, there is more research needed on cannabis, and a good start is being honest about its risks and effects and how we discover them.

Legalization: A poison Pill Pt.2 show art Legalization: A poison Pill Pt.2

The CannaBS Detector

What will regulations look like in the future, compared to the past? Will we learn from our mistakes to create a better system?

Legalization: A Poison Pill Pt.1 show art Legalization: A Poison Pill Pt.1

The CannaBS Detector

Everybody seems to want legalization on a federal level. It’s a hot topic in the industry, especially with a new democratic president and the aftermath of COVID-19 slowly starting to show it’s face. But what are the impending consequences of legalization? Who will be the ones most drastically effected? Will it effect cannabis culture and the people within it?

Covid-19 and the Cannabis Industry show art Covid-19 and the Cannabis Industry

The CannaBS Detector

Every type of battle an industry can face has occurred in the cannabis industry. From insane taxes and regulations, to rampant corruption and shady business practices. However, NOTHING compares to the challenges Covid 19 poses.

Rule #1: Always Get Everything in Writing! show art Rule #1: Always Get Everything in Writing!

The CannaBS Detector

Jean Everson isn’t unique in her circumstances, but what makes her unique is twofold. First, she had the smarts to keep records of everything and took this company court - and WON. Secondly, despite winning the settlement and receiving nothing, she wants you to know her story so that you don’t find yourself in the same position. It truly seems like no one escapes this industry unscathed, but there is hope! Listen in to learn how to recognize the signs and how to CYA (cover your ass)!

Millions of Dollars Lost - Time for Change show art Millions of Dollars Lost - Time for Change

The CannaBS Detector

What started out as a booming industry where there seemed to be no ceiling to the amount of money being poured into, and spent by Canadian cannabis companies, ended with a swift dose of reality that "growth for the sake of growth" might not have been the best path forward! As the giants continue to eat the promises they made to their investors, Colby McFadden and I discuss the next phases these companies will be going through.

Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry show art Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry

The CannaBS Detector

Inclusion is about keeping everyone that got the industry to where it is now IN the industry, instead of being left behind by those with deep pockets and a focus on profit. This episode is a conversation about how the original cannabis advocates and drug war victims can not only remain relevant but also share in the spoils of this ever-growing, money-making industry.

Impacts of National Legalization and Cannabis Investments show art Impacts of National Legalization and Cannabis Investments

The CannaBS Detector

While many people think national legalization is the answer to the many issues our industry faces(lack of banking, restrictive taxation, cannabis incarceration, etc) there are a lot more factors to consider that aren’t being discussed in the media. On this episode, we discuss some of the negative impacts that legalization can have on cannabis companies and the industry as a whole in the US.

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Continuing the conversation from Part 1, my good friend and experienced advocate, Brad Slaughter of Nature’s Secret Holdings, joins us once again to dive into the reality of what will follow post-legalization. What will regulations look like in the future, compared to the past? Will we learn from our mistakes to create a better system?

Our past with cannabis is complicated and repetitive. With progress and advocacy for cannabis sparking up in the 1970’s, our fight for the plant started long before that. General misinformation and a lack of understanding surrounding cannabis has troubled its image throughout time and remains to do so to this day. Education is needed to prepare us for legalization. Listen in to learn about what’s going on in today’s industry, and how that will effect the future of cannabis.

What do you think about cannabis legalization on a federal level? Did you learn anything new? If so, let me know in the comments below!

3 Lessons Learned:

  1. There were reports as early as 1944 that supported the fact that cannabis has medicinal properties.
  2. Taxation on legal cannabis drops down to the end user, pushing consumers towards the illicit market because of the affordability. The perfect example is California, where the black market is 3x the size of the legal market.
  3. The state (like in California) wouldn’t have to enforce your regulations with law enforcement if 2/3 of the state didn’t opt out of commercial cannabis sales. The tax money from that 1/3 of the state will not cover enforcement costs.

List of Topics/subjects discussed:

  • The need for cannabis regulations
  • Cannabis reparations moving forward
  • Decriminalization vs. Legalization and the longevity of each
  • The 1970’s movement and it’s history
  • Decriminalization in the past
  • Tax code 280E and it’s effects post-legalization
  • The IRS and it’s interactions with the cannabis industry
  • The Safe Banking Act
  • The findings of the 1944 La Guardia Report
  • The threat of cannabis to Big Pharma
  • The possibility of ATF controlling and regulating cannabis post-legalization
  • Vape safety regulations and common misconceptions
  • General lack of information around cannabis in the government
  • Los Angeles and the corruption within the cannabis industry there


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Brad Slaughter, Co-Founder and President of Nature’s Secret Holdings, joins us to discuss the oncoming issues that cannabis legalization will lead to and to identify the victims that will feel these adverse effects. Brad specializes in business development, marketing, and networking within the Cannabis and CBD industry.. As a long time cannabis and CBD advocate and educator, Brad has had extensive experience in the industry and with fighting for consumer rights within the industry. He previously worked as a CFO for California Weed Blog, a guide to cannabis culture in California and now continues his advocacy for consumers as a board member of the CBD Consumer Protection Task Force and also as a speaker/moderator for CBD Expo.








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