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Lyme Disease Diet, Testing, and More with Dr. Jay Davidson

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Release Date: 03/21/2016

Welcome! My guest today is Dr. Jay Davidson, who is a doctor of natural functional medicine---AND a fellow Milwaukeean! He specializes in heavy metal detoxification and Lyme disease, treating these disorders from a natural perspective. Jay is a #1 national best-selling author, a husband, father, speaker, church elder, and former radio talk show host. He is hosting the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit coming up in April. Let’s talk to Dr. Jay!

Our conversation covers the following:

  • Dr. Jay got involved in Lyme disease treatment because his wife contracted the disease at age 7 and experienced brain swelling, a coma, and many health issues.
  • After giving birth to their daughter almost four years ago, Mrs. Davidson went through a life or death health crisis; this began his intense focus on Lyme treatment.
  • Dr. Jay explains the iSpot, his favorite test for Lyme and a tool for understanding the diagnosis.
  • In the healing approach for Lyme, diet and food are #1.
  • In 2007, Jay and his wife explored testing for heavy metal toxicity.
  • Intermittent fasting and block fasting are techniques that bring success to some Lyme disease.
  • His wife reacted to almost every food except bone broth; she eventually added vegetables back in to her diet, especially avocados, green leafy vegetables, and bell peppers.
  • Jay discusses three things that cause inflammation in the body:
    • Sugar, and grains that turn to sugar
    • Bad fats like vegetable oils
    • Toxins such as heavy metals and mold
  • Besides decreasing the intake of carbohydrates, there are things we should increase in our diets, like healthy fats, vegetable juices, bone broth fasting, and short-term ketogenic diets.
  • “Our bodies are not meant to eat ONE way forever!”
  • Dr. Jay discusses ketosis, which is limiting carbs to 30g/day or less.
  • Perimenopausal and menopausal  women have trouble going into ketosis, so Dr. Jay advises repeating the process to stoke the body for success. He explains.
  • Some people have success and can stay in ketosis for a few months, as they increase carbs up to 50g/day and even to 100-150g for one day weekly.
  • Dr. Jay discusses SIBO—small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Most digestive bacteria should stay in the large intestine, not the small.
  • SIBO symptoms can be limited by using bone broth to starve the bad bacteria and limiting fiber and sugar.
  • Jay shares his favorite bone broth recipe, using bones, apple cider vinegar, water, Himalayan sea salt, garlic, onions, and spices.
  • If SIBO isn’t a problem, then veggies can be added into the bone broth.
  • In the modern diet, going gluten-free is not enough! We all should limit foods that cause blood sugar spikes and stay away from grains.
  • Dr. J leaves us with two tips:
    • The missing piece in the modern diet? Fresh herbs!
    • Cut out sugar! “The American addiction is unreal!”

How to Reach Dr. Jay and more:

www.chroniclymediseasesummit.com  See the list of speakers and topics for the Summit, coming April 4-11, 2016! 

Sign up for the summit at www.dranh.com/lyme

Now it’s your turn!


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HOW have those changes affected your health? 

WHAT has been your biggest challenge while implementing a healthy lifestyle? 

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Let me know in the comments below and I will try my best to get them on the show!  I want to answer your burning questions and for YOU to add your thoughts to the conversation.  So go ahead and leave a comment now.  


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