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Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Real talk, with real people, and real results so YOU can heal yourself naturally. Hosted by Dr. Anh, a board-certified pharmacist and health coach who believes the answer to better health is NOT found in a pill bottle but in WHAT we eat and HOW we choose to live our lives. Dr. Anh conducts weekly interviews with people who have healed themselves or their clients using food as medicine, including Dr. Terry Wahls, Abel James, and Ari Meisel. While the show focuses on food and nutrition, you'll also learn about supplements, exercise, mindset, and other alternative therapies that contribute to overall health and well-being.

info_outline Decreasing the Impact of Environmental Toxins with Dr. Stephen Lewis 03/06/2018
info_outline Organic Gardening for Beginners 02/27/2018
info_outline Thriving With Mental Health After a Suicide Attempt 02/13/2018
info_outline Endometriosis and Using Genomics to Guide Lifestyle Choices 01/30/2018
info_outline Healing from Sjogren's and Going Beyond Gluten 01/23/2018
info_outline Never Binge Again by Changing Your Emotional Relationship To Food 01/15/2018
info_outline Lab Tests, Dairy Cravings, and Eating Healthy on a Budget with Kristin Thomas 01/08/2018
info_outline Start the New Year Right: End Fatigue, Sleep Better, and Have More Effective Workouts with Dr. Sam Shay 01/02/2018
info_outline Daily Habits to Improve Fertility at Any Age with Dr. Aumatma 12/25/2017
info_outline Anxiety: Food, Nutrients, and Amino Acids that Help; with Trudy Scott 12/18/2017
info_outline Healing Cancer Naturally with Radical Diet and Lifestyle Changes with Chris Wark 12/12/2017
info_outline Homeopathy, Recurring Childhood Dreams, and Trauma with Carol Lourie 03/21/2017
info_outline The 4 B's of Insulin Resistance: Signs and Symptoms 05/05/2016
info_outline Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Vitality Through Detox 05/01/2016
info_outline Pelvic Pain and Integrative Women's Health with Jessica Drummond 04/18/2016
info_outline Toxic Ingredients in Skincare and What to Choose Instead 04/11/2016
info_outline From Incurable to Invincible: Overcoming Chronic Pain and Disease 04/04/2016
info_outline Hormones and Gut Health with Bridgit Danner 03/28/2016
info_outline Lyme Disease Diet, Testing, and More with Dr. Jay Davidson 03/21/2016
info_outline Lasting Weight Loss and Eating Right for Your Archetype with Melissa Kathryn 03/14/2016
info_outline The Truth About Gluten with Dr. Tom O'Bryan 03/07/2016
info_outline Balancing Women's Hormones with Essential Oils and Keeping it Simple with Dr. Mariza Snyder 02/29/2016
info_outline Candida: Risk Factors, Foods & Supplements 02/22/2016
info_outline Healthy Living for Baby Boomers with Debra Atkinson 02/15/2016
info_outline Healthy Family Meal Planning with Elaine De Santos 02/09/2016
info_outline Everything You Need to Know to Go Dairy Free with Alisa Fleming 02/01/2016
info_outline Women's Hormonal Health and Shedding Stubborn Weight with Naomi Judge 01/25/2016
info_outline Cancer Prevention Through Cleansing, Diet and Detox - FAM #062 01/19/2016
info_outline Managing Auto-Immune Disorders through Neuro-Metabolic Integration - FAM #061 01/11/2016
info_outline Hashimoto's, Post-Partum Thyroiditis, and Healing After Childbirth 01/04/2016