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#44 Your Key to Greater Self-Awareness

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Release Date: 07/28/2021

57 Emotions-Reasons For Behaviour Not Excuses show art 57 Emotions-Reasons For Behaviour Not Excuses

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Is it ok that we totally lose it on occasion?  Hey, my emotions got the best of me, it happens right?  No, that is an excuse, and we brought in an expert and friend Sara Westrook to ask some questions go deep quickly on how to turn those excuses around, own your behaviour, and what you can do to get there!   1:15 – Emotions are a skill 1:45 – Leave your emotions at the door like a backpack, NO they are still coming in with you, so how do you move with and through them in a healthy way 3:02 – Do not want to make an emotionally based decision, can lead to regret 4:15 –...

56 Building Bridges and Leading From Behind show art 56 Building Bridges and Leading From Behind

Mindfulness Manufacturing

What happens when you put others first, work hard, and become a bridge builder?   A legacy is formed, and we are privleged to go deep with LaVerne Roberts as she reveals what it took to become a Director of Operations in a traditional male dominated role.  Paving the way to a better future for manufacturing, LaVerne lights up a room and listening to her wisdom leaves you wanting more.  Her authentic, caring, fun, attitude backed with decades of success made her a must guest on the podcast.   Enjoy this episode and let us know what you think!   1:45 – 45 years,...

55 Bottle up or blow up - Corrigan Electric on creating conversations show art 55 Bottle up or blow up - Corrigan Electric on creating conversations

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Not all family businesses successfully transition from one generation to the next, so what is the difference maker?  Troy Corrigan joins us discussing how he and his brother Shawn had to make personal adjustments to find success through the team, and why being tied to something bigger than your own independent business is key!   1:45 – IEC, Independent Electrical Contractors Association, you need to step up and support   3:20 – the foundation of Corrigan Electric and how it all started, from college to the 4-year apprenticeship program, and decided to get involved in IEC...

54. A Vehicle to Serve Others - A Construction Business? show art 54. A Vehicle to Serve Others - A Construction Business?

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Like myself, Joel Davis grew up on a farm.  Starting out as a project at the age of 17, growing into an impactful family business in South Carolina.  Coming up on 25 years, with 3 divisions now and over 100 employees, this is NOT your typical construction company!  A privilege to share this conversation and learn from Joel, on why his people and the community, are not only the foundation of his company, but also the results!   Contact info and links coming soon, at the bottom of the show notes.   2:05 – spending more time with your people than you do your family, and...

#53 Curiosity - What you don't know show art #53 Curiosity - What you don't know

Mindfulness Manufacturing

2 Years and still going, thanks to YOU, this podcast is sponsored by no one, but the courage and curiosity of our listeners, and their dedication to making manufacturing more mindful. Took on this episode solo for the first time, as we have some great guests lined up for year 3! This is a reflection of our time together on this podcast, and a look into what we need to think about in 2022, to think in new ways, to get different results. More notes to come soon!      

#52 Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence show art #52 Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In manufacturing we get to work on capital budgets for the next assembly line.  In this episode we have a much more interesting conversation with Vivian Blade as she explains what is social capital, and why you should care!  With a background in Lean Six Sigma, she just released her third book Influence in Talent Development, and we are excited to have her on the show as a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader, enjoy!  Check out below the show notes to see how to connect with Vivian and learn more! 1:48 - In the news, is all about the great resignation and trying to...

#51 The Economy and Perspective Taking show art #51 The Economy and Perspective Taking

Mindfulness Manufacturing

With guest Jim Ray!  Mindfulness Manufacturing is grateful Jim got us up and running as a professional podcast production, he saved days of frustration and time.  Check out more on how Jim can support here He is also a great small business consultant so why not have a conversation with him direct, email Jim to set up a time, [email protected]   1:33 - When you look at the economy you have inflation rising, issues with supply chain, it will take a long time to work its way out.   1:51 – People are getting a little nervous, I think that it is at the business level but...

#50 Making the Great Resignation the Great Retention show art #50 Making the Great Resignation the Great Retention

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Debbie Muno of Genos International brings her 25 years of assessment experience and shares her tips to retain team members, making average uncomfortable! 1:17 What can we do about the staff we have today? How do we engage them more?   2:26 The last couple of years have really been a steak in the ground to make life changing decisions.   2:53 What is important in their lives? and how the world of work fits into what is important in their lives.   3:01 Friends that are energized and engaged, has to do with their work and has to do with how they are treated in the workplace.  ...

#49. Staying out of Judgement Mode Michael Forhan Part 2 show art #49. Staying out of Judgement Mode Michael Forhan Part 2

Mindfulness Manufacturing

2:09 Walking in and being judgmental and pointing out all the stuff that is easy, like these guys that are perpetual list makers.   2:55 At Crossover we would not tell you what to do unless we are willing to do it ourselves.   3:32  We are always learning and don’t have all the answers but have enough to get started.   3:53 Holding people accountable is all part of the right outcome.   4:12 "How the heck did they get here?" "What’s so wrong that here’s where we’re at?" "Why did the emotion of a situation get so elevated?"   5:39 Make sure we protect the...

#48 Thermostat or Thermometer? show art #48 Thermostat or Thermometer?

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Michael Forhan Part 1-turning down the heat in a crisis

More Episodes

Nikki Langman

The Key to Greater Self-Awareness: The Wet Bathing Suit Question

with guest Nikki Langman


00:00 - Intro

00:28 – Nikki Langman intro

00:51 – Emotional Intelligence and Safety in manufacturing

03:29 – Safety: the common denominator

03:57 – Safety is a ‘safe’ word – emotional intelligence not so much

05:03 – Taking ‘emotion’ out of the mix

06:02 – Psychological Safety training

07:48 – Results: 86% LTI(Lost Time Injury) reduction!

09:12 – Talking about trust, communication, accountability people make better choices

10:00 – Emotional Intelligence training can save lives

10:15 – The Genos Emotional Intelligence model

11:00 – The most impactful: Self-Awareness and Self-Management

13:50 – Opportunities for compromises. Really?

15:19 – The Leader’s overall presence and empowerment

17:03 – Managing emotions for a positive outcome

18:25 – A story of Shawn’s journey and realization – a life-changing impact

20:43 – You just don’t know what others are going through – ever

21:46 – Awareness of those around

22:06 – We cannot inspire others if we can’t inspire ourselves

23:06 – Becoming more self-aware

24:10 – The Wet Bathing Suit feeling

26:30 – What’s the trick to getting out of it as soon as you can? It’s time to Pause.

27:21 – Discomfort? An invitation to Pause.

29:04 – Tough conversations

29:50 – Closing

30:22 - End