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Karen Jeffries: Creator/Author of Hilariously Infertile

The Mom Enterprise

Release Date: 11/03/2019

Welcome to The Mom Enterprise, a weekly podcast hosted by Kendra Martinez featuring working Moms who find a way to manage it all.


Episode Guest: Karen Jeffries

Karen Jeffries is a fourth grade dual language teacher outside of New York City. She does not consider herself a writer by trade, but she did write a hilarious book about infertility, which she has been sharing with her followers for years. Karen is infertile and funny! This combination is equal parts unlikely and spectacular. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and apply numerous layers of face cream, due to her recent realization that she is on the slippery slope to forty years old. More than anything, Karen hopes to help other women through their infertility treatments, one laugh at a time.  

Karen grew up and continues to live outside NYC.  She went to Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and Bank Street College for her masters degree in dual language and general education.  Her hobbies include pilates, and horseback riding. Karen has over 60k followers on her different social media platforms with Instagram being her largest platform.  Her book has sold world wide (where possible) and is still selling greatly. Karen is looking to do more speaking engagements. She recently did a Comedy Night event in NYC at West Side Comedy Club, which was a huge hit.  There, Karen will performed her infertility based stand-up comedy routine, proceeds from ticket sales went to the Baby Quest Foundation, which is a charity that provides financial grants to patients going through infertility treatments in the United States.  Karen is also on the board of the Baby Quest Foundation. She is preparing her next comedy event in Boston, which is on Sunday, November 10th at 7pm at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA the ticket proceeds go to Baby Quest Foundation and Resolve New England.


Listen to hear more about Karen's story

  • 1:23 | Karen and Infertility.
  • 7:50 | What inspired Karen’s journey.
  • 14:30 | What keeps you going while navigating the waters.
  • 18:25 | All the feelings and emotions of a new mother.
  • 21:55 | Motherhood and it’s challenges.
  • 26:45 | Balancing littles ones, family and career.
  • 31:55 | Does motherhood change your personality?
  • 39:35 | Lightening Round!
  • 44:45 | Biggest Mom oops.
  • 46:50 | What’s next for Karen.


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http://www.regenttheatre.com/details /a_night_with..._hilariously_infertile


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