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Rachel Tenpenny: Teamotioins co-founder and emotional well-being advocate

The Mom Enterprise

Release Date: 11/24/2019

Welcome to The Mom Enterprise, a weekly podcast hosted by Kendra Martinez featuring working Moms who find a way to manage it all.


Episode Guest: Rachel Tenpenny

 Rachel is the co-founder of Teamotions, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, compassionate entrepreneur, and proud mom. After the deaths of her baby daughters in 2008, her own healing inspired her to help others heal too. When she’s not teaching, speaking, traveling or writing you'll find Rachel cooking, fitting in a workout, watching a documentary while folding laundry and helping with homework. Originally from Southern California, she currently live in Northern Virginia with her two sons Dustin and Colton.


Listen to hear more about Rachel's story

  • 1:05 | Getting to know Rachel and Teamotions.
  • 13:25 | Handling grief and loss as a mother and family.
  • 42:40 | Rachel’s day to day breakdown and routines.
  • 47:45 | Lightening Round!
  • 47:45 | Biggest mom oops.
  • 1:1:05 | What’s next for Rachel.

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Producer: Kendra Martinez

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