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Lindsey Cormack: Owner of FitPodNYC

The Mom Enterprise

Release Date: 06/02/2019

 Welcome to The Mom Enterprise, a weekly podcast hosted by Kendra Martinez featuring working Moms who find a way to manage it all.

Episode Guest: Lindsey Cormack

Assistant professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, the powerlifting coach at Bowery Crossfit, and the Owner of FitPodNYC

 Lindsey has a daughter in grade school and lives on the Upper East Side. She spends the bulk of her efforts working as an Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology where she just authored a book, Congress and U.S. Veterans: From the GI Bill to the VA Crisis.  When not researching, writing, or teaching in the classroom she runs FitPodNYC a fitness and bring along baby fitness class for new moms. She can also be found teaching the bench press at Bowery Crossfit every Sunday morning.


Listen to hear more about Lindsey's story

  • 3:05 | Lindsey’s journey into the Crossfit community.
  • 8:15 | Being an Assistant Professor and life in the academic world.
  • 14:05 | Mental Health and the impact of growing up with Social Media.
  • 15:55 |Getting started with FitPodNYC
  • 25:20 | Lindsey’s Motherhood Journey.
  • 33:50 | Balancing motherhood and career.
  • 44:10 | A day in the life of Lindsey and her family.
  • 48:00 | Lightening Round!
  • 51:20 | The ideal maternity policy.
  • 53:30 | Biggest Mom oops!
  • 55:45 | What’s next for Lindsey.


Links mentioned:

www.fitpodnyc.com, www.lindseycormack.com, www.dcinbox.com,

instagram @coach.cormak


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