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Language for Learning with Wendy Lee

The SENDcast

Release Date: 02/24/2022

Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace show art Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement with Joanna Grace

The SENDcast

Our senses are fascinating. A particularly interesting area to explore is the development of the sensory systems and how this effects cognition, engagement and mental health. Today, Joanna Grace joins Dale for our 100th episode to discuss Sensory Development and Sensory Engagement. Having an understanding of sensory development can help you to connect with those who have profound disabilities. It can be another tool in the tool kit of a sensory detective, working out why a particular sensation bothers some but not others. Listen to hear the impact sensory stimulation has on development...

What drives our youngsters to self-harm with Alison Knowles show art What drives our youngsters to self-harm with Alison Knowles

The SENDcast

Trigger warning – this podcast discusses self-harm which is a difficult subject, but has never been more important to address. Self-harm is when someone hurts themselves as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings, painful memories or overwhelming situations and experiences. They may feel a short-term sense of release but the cause of the distress is unlikely to have gone away.  In this emotive podcast Alison Knowles joins me to discuss ‘What drives our youngsters to self-harm’. During the conversation we talk about why children are self-harming in all its forms,...

Paperless SENCO with Ginny Bootman show art Paperless SENCO with Ginny Bootman

The SENDcast

Are you one of those making their annual pilgrimage to WHSmith to choose your new diary? Gone are the days of having to lug a filing cabinet’s worth of paperwork to each meeting or locating the right USB. We are all creatures of habit but there’s no better time to make the move to digital, otherwise you risk getting left behind. Ginny Bootman joins Dale in this week’s episode ‘Paperless SENCO’ to take us through her journey as a SENCO from being paper heavy to become paperless. This podcast will unpick simple ways to save your time and make everything run more smoothly in your...

Physical Aspects of Autism with Rachel Jackson show art Physical Aspects of Autism with Rachel Jackson

The SENDcast

Whilst there is significant research and discussion around the psychological and behavioural aspects of autism, most parents/carers have little information around what might be happening at a physiological level. Rachel Jackson joins the podcast today to discuss her first-hand experience of the physical aspects of autism and their implications. Rachel has researched and explored theories that have helped to support her son, including those that tackle some of the sensory experiences that often accompany autism.  Listen to this episode to find out about sensory needs, vagus nerve...

Evidence Based Decision Making with Gary Aubin show art Evidence Based Decision Making with Gary Aubin

The SENDcast

About Gary Aubin Gary Aubin is the SEND Content Specialist for the Educational Endowment Foundation and Director of SEND for a multi-academy trust, having worked as a SENDCO in mainstream primary and secondary schools. With a strong mindset of inclusion, his work as Director of SEND has supported schools out of Special Measures and towards Outstanding for their SEND provision. Alongside SEND duties, he has written The Lone SENDCO: questions and answers for the busy SENDCO and writes the SENDMatters.co.uk blog. He tweets @SENDMattersUK. He is a contributing author to Great Expectations by David...

Pupil Voice and Choice Making with Sarah-Jane Critchley  show art Pupil Voice and Choice Making with Sarah-Jane Critchley

The SENDcast

About Sarah-Jane Critchley Sarah-Jane is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach from Different Joy Partnership. She was previously the Programme Manager for over 10 years at the Autism Education Trust. Pupils with autism often struggle with attending school for a number of reasons. Her daughter Beth is autistic and also suffers from migraines which meant from Year 3 onwards she missed a lot of school and missed over 50% of her GCSE classes, eventually dropping out of school in year 12. Contact Sarah-Jane: Twitter: @SarahJaneCritch Instagram: Facebook: Useful Links ...

*Special Episode* Response to the SEND Review with Lorraine Petersen OBE show art *Special Episode* Response to the SEND Review with Lorraine Petersen OBE

The SENDcast

Last week Lorraine Petersen OBE joined Dale in the studio to deliver a presentation on the SEND Green Paper. It was a fantastic summary of the 104 page document which has helped SENCOs save time and understand the key points and implications for schools.   We’ve turned the session recording into a special edition podcast so that you can listen anytime, anywhere. A chance to listen to the presentation, discussion and the questions and answers - it is around 2 hours long, so be prepared!!! If you want to watch the session instead, it is still available, you just need to and watch on...

How Laughter and Playfulness can be used to help reduce Anxiety with Katie White show art How Laughter and Playfulness can be used to help reduce Anxiety with Katie White

The SENDcast

When it comes to mental health we often feel like we need the support of a professional. Of course, some children do require specialist support from counsellors, psychologists, or social workers, but for children who are experiencing low levels of anxiety - play may be the answer.  This Mental Health Awareness week I am joined by a new guest on the podcast, Katie White! Katie is an Embodied Wellness Practitioner and founder of The Best Medicine. In this episode we discuss How Laughter and Playfulness Can Be Used to Help Reduce Anxiety, covering: What is anxiety and how does...

Homework - Risk and Return with Fintan O'Regan  show art Homework - Risk and Return with Fintan O'Regan

The SENDcast

Research shows that it takes 3 times as long for a student with ADHD to do the same piece of work at home as in school. The school day alone can be exhausting for pupils with SEND and then they might be expected to attend clubs, interact with family, eat their meal AND complete their homework when they get home. Are we expecting too much? The result could be detrimental to their mental health: “I think it's disadvantaging more in terms of self-esteem and attitude, because when they go in next day, they haven't been able to do the same thing in the same way as other people, and they're...

SLCN - Implementation and making the best use of resources with Wendy Lee show art SLCN - Implementation and making the best use of resources with Wendy Lee

The SENDcast

7.6% of all children have got developmental language disorder, that's two or three in every classroom. The Bercow Review (2018) highlighted ongoing and significant challenges for children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in terms of available support and diminishing resources. More than ever, it is important we maximise what we have available for the greatest impact.  In this week’s podcast we discuss how to make best use of resources to meet the needs of pupils with SLCN. Wendy Lee, speech and language therapist, joins me in this episode to look at: ...

More Episodes

Spoken language is core to learning and has a significant impact on children who find it difficult understanding language or putting their sentences together.

In this SENDcast episode ‘Language for Learning’, we discuss the importance of supporting and promoting language and its impact on learning in the classroom. Dale's guest is Wendy Lee, a speech and language therapist with over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of settings.

“We all bring those different perspectives, and if we can utilise our language to get the best out of the discussion, something else will come out of it that none of us could do on our own. And that's what we want to teach children to be able to do.” Wendy Lee

A focus on Oracy, the ability to express oneself fluently in speech, is growing in many schools in the UK. Wendy explores what this means for children and young people with Speech, Language, Communication Needs (SLCN). Find out how to teach children and young people how to utilise their own talk skills to develop their thinking and their learning. With the right approaches and adaptions your pupils can benefit enormously from a focus on oral language skills in your classroom.

Hear proven strategies you can put in place in your classroom to:

  • Enable productive group discussion
  • Develop reasoning skills
  • Improve collaboration
  • Ensure compromise
  • Build confidence to talk
  • Support conversational practise

About Wendy Lee

Wendy has worked as a speech and language therapist for over 30 years, in clinical practice, higher education and the third sector. She was Professional Director at The Communication Trust until 2015 where she led on a number of projects, as well as inputting on national policy and research.  

Wendy is currently the Director of LINGO, which provides consultancy, professional development, resources and speech and language therapy. She works with academics, academy trusts, schools and settings and in partnership with local and national organisations supporting speech, language and communication.

Contact Wendy Lee

Website - www.lingospeech.co.uk  

Email - [email protected] 

Twitter - @Lingo_speech

Useful Links


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