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340 Julian Rosen | Rewiring Your Personality For Bliss and Success

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Release Date: 05/05/2020

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Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat, host of The Healthy Rebellion Radio, Robb Wolf, returns to Wellness Force to discuss his new book and film, Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat, the unintended consequences of changing nature's cycle from agriculture to COVID-19, how COVID-19 has impacted the meat industry, how to make food more affordable plus reduce healthcare costs, and how grazing animals and regenerative farms can help change the world including reverse climate change.

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You never chose anxiety, to doubt yourself, to be a People Pleaser, or to assume the worst. These are all things that just kind of happened and emerged from somewhere in your internal world. Conscious neuroplastic mediation is a framework for changing the brain almost in an approach that has been customized for the person. It is the scientifically and proven process that you never chose the way your brain is wired; your 'traits' are what you practice unconsciously and they're optional; you can change them for limitless value in your life. - Julian Rosen


What are you gaining by letting this fear-based infatuation with what's next steal your power in the moment?


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Wellness Force Radio Episode 340

Writer, Speaker, Coach, and Creator of The Fearless Life Project, Julian Rosen, explains the laws of consciousness, how trauma can masterfully shape us, how to redirect fear to act from love, and the concept of conscious neuroplastic mediation and how it actually changes the brain.


Learn how to connect the head and the heart in the present for greater consciousness.

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Listen To Episode 340 As Julian Rosen Uncovers:


[1:30] The Laws Of Consciousness

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  • Julian Rosen
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  • What conscious neuroplastic mediation is and how it changes the brain.
  • The fact that we never chose how our brain was wired, our anxiety, or thoughts about ourselves.
  • How conscious neuroplastic mediation proves that our thoughts and feelings are not who we are; they’re just something that we practice unconsciously and they’re optional.
  • What steps he’s taking to make the most of his time without it just passing him by during the CV19 pandemic.
  • How losing his mother to breast cancer at 23 years old really woke him up to a journey of consciousness.
  • What the laws of consciousness are and how to live by them.
  • Why things happen to us for a good reason and nothing is really lost as life supports life.


[15:00] Redirecting Our Fear

  • How we can stop acting from a place of fear and begin exercising our personal power to redirect that fear.
  • The fact that we’re conditioned as children to be fearful because of the idea that if you don’t worry, you won’t become a responsible adult.
  • Unpacking the Us vs. Them mentality that we naturally give into when there is fear amongst everyone in a society.
  • How a fear-based infatuation can steal your power in the moment; taking away your non-refundable now.
  • The power of just breathing in and experiencing fear whenever it comes to you.
  • Exploring the concept that a greater being that lives within us that has never left and never will leave us while we’re alive.
  • The biggest lessons he learned when his mother passed away.
  • His experience with Ayahuasca and what it will teach you during a proper plant medicine ceremony.
  • Why you shouldn't continue to wait to do something if it is pulling at your heartstrings.


[28:00] How Trauma Masterfully Shapes Us

  • How he helps his clients come out from under their masks and share their authentic self with the world.
  • What he does to prove to his clients that the worst thing that has happened to them is actually the best thing ever for their life.
  • The purpose behind suffering and pain that each one of us experiences in our unique journeys.
  • Why the ego perceives our traumatic experiences as pain when really they’re shaping us in a masterful way.
  • Differences between emotion and feeling when combined with conscious neuroplastic mediation.
  • Why it’s an illusion that our thoughts create our emotional states.
  • The Feel-Think patterns that we get stuck in when we’re in a state of lower consciousness as feelings come first before the thought process.
  • How we’re wired to naturally get good at being worried all the time.
  • Why the inner dialogue we have with all of our worries is a lie and is a justification of a feeling we memorized years ago.
  • The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease


[34:30] The Spiritual Quotient

  • Josh’s Belief-Thought-Feeling-Action loop that happens when we approach a new situation.
  • The fact that we get to learn negative emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, and anxiety just like the good feelings we connect with in life.
  • How we can unconsciously live more conscious and achieve an intense flow state.
  • Why we constantly lead decisions with our head and not our heart.
  • The spiritual quotient and why spirituality is the solution to 99% of our problems.
  • Personal volition and understanding that you always have a choice and it’s your remedy against resistance and fear.


[52:00] The Difference Between Knowing And Doing

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  • How to avoid daily, constant decision fatigue.
  • The difference between knowing and doing plus the emotions that come with them.
  • How to just accept, choose, and feel our emotions instead of resisting or creating a dialogue around them.
  • Why every negative emotional feeling we experience eventually wants to be released so that it can transmute into its positive counterpart.
  • The fear we have that a feeling might remain forever if we allow it to bubble up within us but that’s actually a lie.
  • Why suffering comes from the same story that we tell ourselves about the negative emotion, not the negative emotion itself.
  • Imposter syndrome and self-imposed devaluation he experienced when he transferred from fitness to deep transformational coaching.


Power Quotes From The Show



The Feel Think Pattern Illusion

"We're under the illusion that our thoughts create our emotional state. People think that because they had an angry thought, that makes them angry therefore they should change their thought so they can change their feeling. However, that's really not the case. For a lot of us, when we're living at lower levels of consciousness and we're stuck in Feel Think Patterns. So, the feeling actually comes first and the brain at that point is just a sock puppet creating a scapegoat to legitimize the feeling." - Julian Rosen



The Inner Dialogue Is A Lie

"Just like driving a car or playing a sport, if you practice something enough, the body gets better at it than the mind does. A lot of people will actually wake up and worry. They feel worry simply because they're good at it. When you experience a negative feeling that you did not consent to, it emerges from the neck down and not in the brain where the neurological sequences and patterns are firing and wiring. It emerges from your body where the subconscious lives." - Julian Rosen

The Wiring Of The Brain


"You never chose how your brain is wired. What parts of your personality limit you the most, frustrate you the most, or hold you back from expressing yourself the most? You never chose those. These things have bubbled up so many times that we just assume they're our 'personality,' 'traits,' or 'it's a genetic thing.'" - Julian Rosen


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About Julian Rosen

Julian RosenJulian Rosen is a writer, speaker, and committed coach who specializes in helping stressed-out entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses. Through his revolutionary coaching platform, The Fearless Life Project, Julian helps business owners implement a proven system for optimizing clarity and performance while counteracting the effects of stress and anxiety so that they can grow and scale with confidence. As a business owner who also battles with anxiety, Julian loves connecting with and supporting other passionate individuals who are on a mission to build their boldest vision.


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