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21.FIVE - Professional Pilots Podcast

A podcast for Professional Pilots, by Professional Pilots. Join hosts Dylan and Max, both professional pilots with backgrounds in Flight Instructing, Airlines, and Business Aviation, on their quest to improve as travelers, pilots, and professionals. Expect to find interesting conversations with industry experts in a variety of aviation fields, thought-provoking discussions on hot topics, and hilarious stories from the (sometimes) wild aviation industry. Whether you’re corporate, airline, charter, or anywhere in between, you’ll love our fresh and often funny take on all things aviation. Come find us online at 21fivepodcast.com and connect with us via Insta/Facebook/Twitter: @21fivepodcast

5.0 Five-Fold and Beyond with  Dr.’s Matt and Amy Carpenter
5.0 FIVE

Connect with us as we delve into the riches of 5-fold truths that unlock and mobilize people to participate in God’s design for His Church. Leaders will learn how to identify, inspire, and integrate 5-fold ministry function in their teams experiencing maximum growth. With over 30 years of experience, Dr.’s Matt & Amy Carpenter assist leaders and teams to thrive in their callings.

Be There in Five

Grounded in the topics that distract host Kate Kennedy (entrepreneur, author, pop culture commentator) on a daily basis, Be There in Five explores all facets of popular culture in a thoughtful, analytical, editorialized, and comedic format. Kate covers a wide range of topics reflecting the current zeitgeist, i.e. celebrities, bloggers/influencers, social media, and tv/moves/music, but also focuses on the humor found in reexamining the 90s/00s zeitgeist as an adult, from AIM to Zenon. Whether musing about how so many 24-year-old bloggers have 5 kids and millions of dollars, poking holes in popular self-help gurus advice, deep diving about influencer/social media scandals, or explaining Taylor Swift's clue-dropping marketing strategy, Kate aims to dive into the topics everyone's talking about in chat rooms that don't get represented in newsrooms. (And by chat rooms, she realizes it's not 1999, but it sounded more quippy than online forums and Facebook groups). Beyond the more lighthearted topics, Kate is also a seasoned entrepreneur (of her namesake company Be There in Five) who is honest about her struggles in real-time and invites her listeners along as she, too, is trying to make it as a 30 something living in Chicago. Above all else, Kate started this podcast to champion lovers of pop culture by taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures. By speaking about the zeitgeist in an intelligent, unique, and humorous way, she hopes to assure listeners that these topics have value, contribute to society, and the only naïve people are those who refuse to acknowledge their influence.


Mit unserem Herzenswunsch-Podcast möchten wir Dich auf Deinem Weg zu Deinen persönlichen Big Five for Life und Deinem Zweck der Existenz unterstützen und inspirieren. Wir sprechen mit Menschen, die nach solch einer Philosophie leben und Du wirst praktikable Tipps bekommen, um an Deinen Big Five for Life dranzubleiben. „Big Five for Life“ sind die fünf Dinge in Deinem Leben, die Du tun, sehen oder erleben möchtest, damit Du am Ende Deiner Tage sagen kannst: „Ich hatte ein glückliches, erfülltes und erfolgreiches Leben.“ Es sind keine Ziele oder eine Liste zum Abhaken, die andere als Maßstab für Erfolg definieren. Die Big Five for Life sind Deine ganz persönlichen Träume, Herzenswünsche und Haltungen, welche Dir als Orientierungshilfe für ein erfülltes Leben dienen. Wenn Du sie (wieder) entdeckst und ihnen Raum in Deinem Leben gibst, dann kommst Du der Antwort auf die Frage: „Warum bist Du hier?“ Schritt für Schritt näher – diese Frage ist der Schlüssel zu Deinem Zweck der Existenz – Deiner Berufung! Wenn Du Deine Berufung im Einklang mit Deinen Herzenswünschen lebst – dann stellt sich langfristig Lebensglück und Erfüllung in Deinem Leben ein. Wenn Dich die Erfahrungsberichte unserer Podcastteilnehmer ermutigen, Dich auf Deinen Weg zu den Big Five for Life – Deinen Herzenswünschen - zu gehen, dann laden wir dich herzlich ein, unsere Seminare zu besuchen. BIG FIVE FOR LIFE – DEIN HERZENSWUNSCHPODCAST mit Yvonne Simon.

Calmer in Five

Despite how noisy the world around you is you can still live a calmer life. Thom Walters, host of the Zen Commuter podcast, shares ways of looking at the world through a more peaceful lens. Each weekday he suggests ways of thinking, acting and being that can enhance your level of serenity.


CloudFive is a conversations podcast that aims to bring different perspectives to life. Episodes will be posted on a bi-weekly basis.

Deep Dives and Top Fives

In this podcast, we’re taking looks at members of the creative community. It’s a conversational Deep Dive into artists life, work and legacy. The host is joined by various creators from multiple fields, to discuss their lives, how they got into their respective fields and the work that they do. Additionally, we go deep on random topics and create Top 5 lists of our favorite things. Hosted by Nick McCormick

Doctor Who: Five Years Rapid

The only Doctor Who podcast to tackle 5 seasons of the 3rd Doctor in only 2 years! Joy Piedmont and Kyle Anderson do a deep dive on one story from the Jon Pertwee tenure of Doctor Who every month, talking about its themes, origins, historical context, and all-around cool factor. After all, who's more suave than the Third Doctor?

Faith Five Podcast

A FIVE minute podcast on topics of the Christian FAITH.

familylife FIVE Der Podcast für starke Paare und Beziehungen

Dieser Podcast ist das Ergebnis unserer Leidenschaft für starke Paarbeziehung und Ehen. In unseren 5 – Minutenimpulsen geben wir (Christian, Anna, Constanze, Dave, Ira und andere) spannende Einblicke in unsere ganz persönlichen Erfahrungen zum Thema Ehe und Beziehung und sprechen offen über die Challenges, die mit dem Eheleben einhergehen. Mit jedem Impuls haben wir außerdem immer eine ganz praktische Anregung zum Ausprobieren, die Wachstum einer Beziehung bewirken kann. Hin und wieder ihr hier auch längere Interviews von Beziehungsexperten oder Beziehungsfreaks.

Feet Up For Five Minutes

Feet Up For Five Minutes is the podcast for mums who are ready to take back their life and finally put themselves first. It's for women who want to create more time in their week just for them; feel more energetic & patient with everyone in their life including themselves and confidently say NO to all things that they often feel obliged to say yes to. Your host, Victoria de Trensé, a women’s life coach & empowerment mentor with qualifications in NLP & Time Line Therapy will share simple mindset hacks & practical steps that you can take to start putting yourself first with ease. You’ll learn how to bring your focus back to yourself and tap into what feels good for you so you can create a life that you not only love, but one that is also perfectly suited to you. Connect with Victoria on Instagram @victoria.de.trense To work with Victoria, head to https://vdetrense.wixsite.com/website

Filthy @ Five

Filthy @ Five is the best, most passionate, most ignorant football debate podcast on planet earth. We make lists, we make jokes, we fight, we talk absolute nonsense, but your favourite player loves us, so make of that what you will.