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The Negative Splits Podcast

Not your typical running podcast. In addition to interviewing some of the biggest and most fascinating names in the sport, we like to mix it up and talk everything related to running and heck, even fun non-running related topics come up often. Our goal is to entertain you and make you feel like you are apart of the conversation.

info_outline A Good Place 01/20/2022
info_outline Everyones Got A Price 01/14/2022
info_outline Pumped Up! 01/06/2022
info_outline The Wake Up 01/01/2022
info_outline Feeling Good as Hell 12/22/2021
info_outline Gotcha! 12/15/2021
info_outline Surprise! 12/10/2021
info_outline "Happy Endings" exclusive 11/25/2021
info_outline Shaved Legs Shave Seconds 11/18/2021
info_outline A Dog in a Stroller 11/12/2021
info_outline It's not all butterflies 11/03/2021
info_outline Coffin Dump 10/27/2021
info_outline Oh Curses! 10/20/2021
info_outline Finding Your Groove 10/14/2021
info_outline #239 Free Falling 09/29/2021
info_outline #238 Duck calls and clean Kev 09/22/2021
info_outline #237 Getting high with splits?!?... 09/15/2021
info_outline #236 Dutch gives G tough love 09/01/2021
info_outline #235 Sleepy G Race Recap 08/25/2021
info_outline #234 The Best of You 08/18/2021
info_outline #233 I am Legend 08/13/2021
info_outline #232 Dutch and Sleepy G Scheme 08/04/2021
info_outline #231 Brian Ambs 07/26/2021
info_outline #230 Bill Lets Loose... 07/21/2021
info_outline #229 Dutch crash and burn??? 07/14/2021
info_outline #228 Taint-ed Love.... 07/07/2021
info_outline #227 The Beekeeper 06/29/2021
info_outline 226 Spicy Nuggies and 5.5 Inches of.... 06/23/2021
info_outline #225 Call the Police 06/16/2021
info_outline #224 The Death Coaster 06/09/2021