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Oyster Ninja Podcast

The Oyster Ninja podcast is exploring the Oyster inside and outside the shell. We hope to educate you and have your mouth watering at the same time. We introduce you to some of the worlds top shuckers, oyster farmers, and anyone else that has something to do with this oyster world.

info_outline BRETT TAYLOR: BVT KNIVES 01/18/2022
info_outline VINCENT LEGGETT: Founder of Blacks of the Chesapeake 12/26/2021
info_outline Chris Sherman : Fearless Leader of Island Creek Oyster Co. 12/16/2021
info_outline Emily DeSousa: The Most Sustainable Person in the Room 11/24/2021
info_outline Vintage Oyster Can Collector: Scott Sanner 11/11/2021
info_outline Meet Kara Muzia host of "So You Want To BE A Marine Biologist" 10/26/2021
info_outline Alex Troutman "The Black Jack Hannah" is taking the science world by storm 10/08/2021
info_outline Montauk Seaweed Supply: Kelp used for fertilizer 09/30/2021
info_outline The Best Stainless Steel Knife in the World: MKS KNIFE DESIGN 09/18/2021
info_outline Fisher Island Oyster Company: Growing Oysters and Preserving Family Values (Steve & Sarah Malinowski) 05/05/2021
info_outline Terrell Brown: Brown's Oyster Supply in Charleston South Carolina harvesting wild oysters 04/20/2021
info_outline Imani Black: Making Powerful Opportunities and Finding True Colors 03/31/2021
info_outline SEASON 4 COMING SOON 03/29/2021
info_outline Honor Allen the Best Oyster Shucker in the United States 09/25/2020
info_outline Deanna Leavitt: Caviar Starr (ALL ABOUT CAVIAR) 09/21/2020
info_outline Tik Tok Viral Sensation Spurweezy (Michael Spurlock) on going viral and his connection with oysters 09/16/2020
info_outline Shuck Cancer Coast 2 Coast with Joe Gillete 09/07/2020
info_outline Chris Fields: Love of Shucking (Shucker Profile) 09/06/2020
info_outline Patrick Mcmurray (Shucker Paddy): Guinness World Record Holding Oyster Shucker 09/04/2020
info_outline Eden The Foodie: Blackfoodie.Co the Original Foodie 08/29/2020
info_outline Partnership for the Delaware Estuary: Kate Layton 08/20/2020
info_outline Chris Hopkinson: Bay Paddle 08/17/2020
info_outline Oyster South and The Oyster Bed on National Oyster Day talk (Beth Walton and Tommy Waller) 08/07/2020
info_outline The Local Oyster: Nick Schauman 08/03/2020
info_outline Jason Woodside: Banjo Oyster Knife 07/28/2020
info_outline Grayson Bay Oyster Company: Let the Tide Be Your Guide (Brandon Smith) 07/20/2020
info_outline kristine kainer: Contemporary Fine Artist (Oyster Artist) Extraordinaire 07/09/2020
info_outline Rocket Frog Brewery Beer Review and Interview WIth co. Owner Richard Hartog 05/27/2020
info_outline Virginia Shaffer: The Lady Oyster 05/14/2020