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PayPod: The Payments and Fintech Podcast

Welcome to PayPod, a show that explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech. The show features interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs in the payments and fintech industries. Each episode, you’ll hear an interview directly with a leader of the payments industry. We talk with fintech entrepreneurs, security experts, mobile developers, eCommerce pros, and more... From credit card processing to bitcoin... from retail point of sale systems to cutting edge digital payments software… merchant accounts. mobile checkout, lending marketplaces, and beyond… we cover it all!

info_outline Credit Union Growth Strategies with Kirk Drake of CU 2.0: Ep 163 04/06/2021
info_outline Exploring KYC and AML with Ian Henderson of Kyckr: Ep 162 04/01/2021
info_outline The Payments Landscape in India with Nitya Sharma of Simpl: Ep 161 03/26/2021
info_outline The Future of Payment Technology with Patricia Montesi of Qolo: Ep 160 03/24/2021
info_outline Venture Capital Investment in Fintech with Billy Libby of Upper90: Ep 159 03/16/2021
info_outline Exploring Touchless Payments with Paresh Patel of PayRange: Ep 158 03/09/2021
info_outline Investing in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies with Lukas Enzersdorfer of Bitpanda: Ep 157 03/05/2021
info_outline Using AI to Tackle Banking and Credit Card Fees with Paul Kesserwani of Cushion: Ep 156 03/01/2021
info_outline Retail Investing Technology with Eric Shoykhet of Atom Finance: Ep 155 02/26/2021
info_outline Merchant Processing Lending with Jorge Sun of Lendingfront: Ep 154 02/24/2021
info_outline International Payments and Liquidity with Khawar Ali of KFX Services: Ep 153 02/18/2021
info_outline Property Management Solutions for DIY Landlords with Eachan Fletcher of NestEgg: Ep 152 02/16/2021
info_outline Education and Innovation in Fintech with Dr. Stephen Taylor of NJIT: Ep 151 02/08/2021
info_outline Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance in 2021 with Charlie Delingpole of ComplyAdvantage: Ep 150 01/29/2021
info_outline Mobile Fintech Trends in 2021 with Gerhard Oosthuizen of Entersekt: Ep 149 01/25/2021
info_outline Management Tools for Expenses and AP with Rajeev Subramanyam of Emburse: Ep 148 01/15/2021
info_outline Construction Finance 101 with Christopher Doyle of Billd: Ep 147 01/08/2021
info_outline Emotion AI and Banking with Rana Gujral of Behavioral Signals: Ep 146 12/31/2020
info_outline Applying AI to Merchant Services with Adrian Talapan of Fee Navigator: Ep 145 12/28/2020
info_outline Content Marketing Strategies in Finance with Shindy Chen of Scribe: Ep 144 12/21/2020
info_outline Digital Banking for Freelancers and Small Businesses with Hussein Ahmed of Oxygen: Ep 143 12/15/2020
info_outline Insights on Founding and Growing Tech Startups with Shawn Livermore: Ep 142 12/11/2020
info_outline Revolutionizing Online Agreements via Clickwrap with Eric Prugh of PactSafe: Ep 141 12/08/2020
info_outline Exploring Alternative Payment Methods with Chargebacks911 and Soar Payments: Ep 140 12/01/2020
info_outline How Stablecoins Can Help The Unbanked with Kory Hoang and David Zhang of Stably: Ep 139 11/30/2020
info_outline SaaS Solutions for Growing ISOs with Kevin Smith of Pioneer: Ep 138 11/24/2020
info_outline Enabling Merchants to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with Bill Zielke of BitPay: Ep 137 11/19/2020
info_outline Personal Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship with Henry Daas of DaasKnowledge: Ep 136 11/16/2020
info_outline Ecommerce Financing Innovation with Aidan Corbett of Wayflyer: Ep 135 11/09/2020
info_outline Sales Strategy and Tech with Chris Beall of ConnectAndSell: Ep 134 11/01/2020