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The Uplifted Yoga Podcast

Uplift your personal life and accelerate your yoga career leveraging yoga’s ancient wisdom. Explore yoga philosophy from the Yoga Sutras, the Vedas, psychology, kundalini and self-help. Brett Larkin helps you get closer to making consistent daily yoga a reality, while empowering you to acknowledge your role as a leader and healer of others. Whether you’re experiencing a kundalini awakening, resolving unprocessed trauma, suffering as a “hidden healer,” in a cycle of self-sabotage, feeling “imposter syndrome,” or stuck trying to grow your wellness business, the Uplifted Yoga podcast is where you come to slay your mindset blocks and indulge in yoga’s rich philosophy in a way that’s practical and fun. ✨Pre-Order Brett’s Book on Amazon ✨Make your yoga practice 2x more potent in 1/2 the time ✨Download your free yoga business plan Become a member at brettlarkin.com/uplifted

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