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Social Anxiety Solutions - your journey to social confidence!

This is not your typical social anxiety tips show... You'll get revolutionary solutions available from Western traditional therapy AND Eastern energy psychology. You'll hear from the super stars of the therapy and psychology world who have been originally trained psychologists or psychotherapists who have incorporated energy psychology into their practice. They share their most effective techniques, most empowering solutions, and share unbelievably inspiring stories and perspectives that help you on your journey to social confidence. Each show we discuss a social anxiety related topic (shame, self acceptance, sensitivity, bullying, fear of rejection, connection, loneliness, etc) and you'll get specific action steps to move forward each episode. Listen in and gain the wisdom, inspiration and techniques to beat your social anxiety. Be supported on your journey and create effortless social confidence where you enjoy connecting with others, unlock your potential, have fun in social situations and create a satisfying social life.

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