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Software Process and Measurement Cast

Interviews, essays, facts, and tips about agile and lean agile development, process improvement, and measurement in delivery of value!

info_outline SPaMCAST 704 - Leadership and Diving For Golf Balls, A Conversation With Stuart Leo 05/22/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 703 - Commitment, Humans and Automation, Essays and Conversations 05/15/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 702 - Geek Boss and Leadership, A Conversation With Matthew Stibbe 05/08/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 701 - When The Daily Scrum Doesn’t Make Sense, Agile Requirements, Essays and Conversation 05/01/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 700 - AI Today Will Not Be The AI Of Tomorrow, A Discussion With Slater Victoroff 04/24/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 699 - Using AI To Unlock The Potential Of Humanity, A Discussion With Eric Daimler 04/17/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 698 - Team Leads in Agile Teams, A Conversation WIth Susan Parente 04/10/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 697 - Cultivating Transformations: A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical, A Conversation With Jarenda London 04/03/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 696 - Why Limit WIP, Re-Read Saturday Introduction, Relative Time, Conversations and Essays 03/27/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 695 - Agile In A Startup, A Conversation With Julianna Lamb 03/20/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 694 - The Team Lead Role In Agile, Time, Essays and Conversations 03/13/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 693 - Driving Value With AI, An Interview With Prateek Joshi 03/06/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 692 - Continuous Improvement Versus Process Improvement, Agile Requirements, Essays and Conversation 02/27/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 691 - AI and Estimation, The End Of Software Estimators, An Interview with Kevin McKeel 02/20/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 690 - I Don’t Want To Be Measured, QA Strategies and Agile, Essays and Conversations 02/13/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 689 - AI and Process Improvement, A Conversation With Prabhjot Singh 02/06/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 688 - Flow Metrics Not Velocity, TIme and Work Entry - Complexity, Essays and Conversations 01/30/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 687 - 2021 Business Agility Report, No Cats Were Actually Thrown, A Conversation with Martin Foster 01/23/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 686 - Pitchforks and Torches, Work In 2022, A Panel Discussion 01/16/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 685 - What We Learned In 2021, A Panel Discussion 01/09/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 684 - Meta Cast and Product Owners and Work Entry, Essays and Conversations 01/02/2022
info_outline SPaMCAST 683 - Team Topologies, A Conversation With Ben Woznicki 12/26/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 682 - Prioritization Outside Your Span of Control, Getting Leadership Right, Conversations and Essays 12/19/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 681 - Prioritization Without Control of Work Entry, Measuring Testings, Conversations and Essays 12/12/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 680 - State of Software Measurement, Legacies, A Conversation with Mauricio Aguiar and Christine Green 12/05/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 679 - Team Leads In Agile, Descoping, Conversations and Essays 11/28/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 678 - Prioritization Outside Span Of Control, Product Owners and User Stories, Conversations and Essays 11/21/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 677 - Service Level Objectives, SLOs, A conversation with Kit Merker 11/14/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 676 - Agile and Executives and scaling Agile Up, A conversation with Vincent Henderson 11/07/2021
info_outline SPaMCAST 675 - What is a Priority, Bad Leadership, Conversations and Essays 10/31/2021