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The TEFLology Podcast

The TEFLology Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and related matters, presented by three self-certified TEFLologists. We take a lighthearted look at the fields of English language teaching (ELT) and applied linguistics, with topics ranging from TESOL methodologies and approaches to current affairs and history. Email: teflology@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @TEFLology

info_outline Episode 102: Remote Professional Development, Paul Pimsleur, and Pronunciation 06/27/2020
info_outline Episode 101: Racism in ELT and Remote Teaching Reflections 06/10/2020
info_outline Interview 62: Richard J. Sampson on Language Learner Psychology 05/27/2020
info_outline Episode 100: The TEFLology Quiz 05/06/2020
info_outline Episode 99: Language Labs, Flipped Classrooms, and Nigerian English 04/22/2020
info_outline Episode 98: Emergency Remote Teaching Responses 04/10/2020
info_outline TEFL Interviews 61: James York & Jonathan deHaan on Games 03/25/2020
info_outline Episode 97: Persona, Games, and Insecurities 02/26/2020
info_outline Episode 96: Positive Words, Teaching Brains, and John Gallagher 02/12/2020
info_outline Small Changes, Big Results by John Fanselow - Ep 5: Chapter 5, Section 3 01/30/2020
info_outline Small Changes, Big Results by John Fanselow - Ep 4: Chapter 4, Section 3 01/22/2020
info_outline Small Changes, Big Results by John Fanselow - Ep 3: Chapter 3, Section 9 01/15/2020
info_outline Small Changes, Big Results by John Fanselow - Ep 2: Chapter 2, Section 5 01/08/2020
info_outline Small Changes, Big Results by John Fanselow - Ep 1: Intro, Foreword, & Preface 12/18/2019
info_outline Episode 95: App Development with the Extempore Team 12/05/2019
info_outline Episode 94: Frame Analysis, Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn, and Escape Rooms 11/20/2019
info_outline Episode 93: Taking Work Home, Online Learning, and Teaching Habits 11/07/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 60: Olly Richards on Language Learning 10/22/2019
info_outline Episode 92: James Summers, BAAL 2019, and The Michel Thomas Method 10/02/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 59: Kensaku Yoshida (PanSIG 2019) 09/17/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 58: Stephanie Ann Houghton (PanSIG 2019) 09/11/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 57: Siew Ming Thang (PanSIG 2019) 09/04/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 56: Diane Larsen-Freeman on Complexity 08/21/2019
info_outline Episode 91: John Manjirō, TPRS, and Jacob Rees-Mogg 08/07/2019
info_outline Episode 90: The 5 Year Anniversary Show 07/26/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 55: Charlie Browne on Vocabulary 07/10/2019
info_outline Episode 89: Evangelicalism, David Graddol, and the ELTons 06/26/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 54: Michael Swan on Pedagogy 06/12/2019
info_outline Episode 88: ASMR, Alfred North Whitehead, and University of Farmington 05/30/2019
info_outline TEFL Interviews 53: Lourdes Ortega on Research 05/15/2019