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The Madiha MD's Show podcast

Introducing My Fun Holistic Approach to You and Your Family’s Wellness My mission is to teach you simple and cost effective holistic lifestyle changes while at the same time delivering lots of smiles and laughter. These simple changes can help you and your family not only prevent disease but also heal disease by targeting and treating the root cause.​

info_outline Factors of Inflammation: Homeopathy and how it can help. 08/28/2019
info_outline Factors of Inflammation: Back to School Tips (From the Kids) & Herbal Medicine 08/21/2019
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info_outline Factors of Inflammation: Detox summery and change toxic for clean. 06/12/2019
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info_outline Healthy Fat- Yup You Heard That Right. 02/28/2019
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info_outline Factors of Inflammation Omega 3 Deficiency 02/06/2019
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info_outline 1 in 3 Americans has pre-diabetes! 01/09/2019
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info_outline Your Family & Essential Oils w/ Sabrina Ann Sielinski. - Dr. Madiha Saeed 11/23/2018
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info_outline How to Balance Life, Work, + Chronic Illness w/ Holly Bertone. - Dr. Madiha Saeed 11/16/2018
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info_outline “Dealing with stress and overwhelm” with Mike George. 11/02/2018