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거울: 기독교 신앙 노트"는 21세기를 살아가는 기독교인으로서 전통적 신앙과 사회와의 벌어진 간극을 극복하고자 애쓰는 진행자의 고뇌과 고민을 팟캐스트 형식으로 풀어가는 일종의 노트와 같습니다.  현대 사회에서 일어나는 문화 현상, 이슈를 들여다 보고 21세기 기독교 교회관 그리고 성경이 현대인에게 주는 메세지와 의미를 찾아 떠나는 여행에 상식에 기초한 생활을 하는 기독교인 혹은 비기독교인 청취자들을 초대합니다.  "거울: 기독교 신앙 노트"는 기독교를 방어하거나 변명하려는 의도가 없습니다.  오히려 현대를 사는 기독교인들과 교회에게 변화를 호소하는 팟캐스트입니다.

TestimonyTuesdayRadio's podcast

Testimony Tuesday Radio is an extension of the open mic platform Testimony Tuesday. Testimony Tuesday Radio is where anyone who is willing to #PraiseUrWay through your gift. No matter what your gift may be, you are welcome.

In My Truth

Ready to dive into truth? There's incredible personal freedom in truth, yet we spend much of our lives showing up the way we think we 'should'. The ways that will make our parents happy, our colleagues respect us, society at large accept us, and of course, the ways that will make us look good on Instagram and social media. In My Truth is the antidote to the ‘shoulds’. Be a fly on the wall as my guests and I dive into the stories and untruths are living with and working through in real time. My name is Sarah Riegelhuth, and as I recently updated my Insta bio to read, I’m not one thing, but many. Professionally, I run Grow My Team and am one of the co-founders of The League of Extraordinary Women. But personally, I’m a lot more than that. Last year I moved through a breakdown. I also moved through a breakup, changed my entire career professionally, sold my company... a LOT of change. During this period, I had a strong calling to share what was really going on for me publicly on my blog and social media. I don't know why, but I really felt it was important to open up these conversations and share with people what was really happening behind the scenes in my life. This resulted in a lot of people reaching out to have deep conversations, and I started imagining what it could look like if other people could listen in on these conversations, and the healing that would come from that. I knew I was healing, I knew the people I was having conversations with were healing, and I really felt that if other people could listen to these conversations, to what was happening in real time as we worked through things, that healing would come to many. And so on a drive from Vancouver to Colorado, a pilgrimage, where I was moving back to a state that has called my heart ever since I set foot there, this podcast In My Truth was born. Listen in on these raw-as-f*ck conversations I have with my guests, as we work through the untruths we’re currently living with, in real time. So, let’s dive in.

9thand9thstories's podcast

This is a podcast that aims to engage listeners in the community that is the 9th and 9th neiborhood right outside Salt Lake City Utah. It is a community full of diverse culture and numerous beliefs, we invite you to be challenged by the stories presented in this podcast.

Från värdelös till värdefull

Det här är en reflekterande och nyfiken dialog om att hitta hem i sig själv. Hur blir jag värdefull inför mig själv? Hur får jag egenvärdet att växa? Vad är värdelöshet? Att gå från värdelös till värdefull är en inre process som kräver tid och närvaro. Alla person exempel i samtalen är fiktiva.

Essential Conversations with Rabbi Rami from Spirituality & Health Magazine

Join Rabbi Rami every other Friday as he and a guest bring to life the pages of Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Your Kingdom Journey

Your Kingdom Journey podcast is the #1 place for breakthrough strategies to get unstuck, overcome limiting beliefs, and be empowered to live your God-designed Kingdom purpose. Filled with practical advice, tools, stories, and encouragement, you will be free to live your fullest potential, on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Losing a Child: Always Andy's Mom

When pediatrician mom of three, Marcy Larson's 14 yo son, Andy, was killed in a car accident in 2018, she felt like her life was over. In many ways, that life was over, and a new one forced to begin in its place. Come alongside her as she works through this journey of healing. She discusses grief and child loss with other grieving parents and those who work to help them in their grief. This podcast is for grieving parents and well as those who support them.

Sacred Stream Radio

Laura Chandler hosts this monthly series that features interviews with thought leaders, artists, healers, and other interesting humans.

Mister Cricket's Fire Fables

Conceived for kids 6-12, (but loved by parents everywhere), Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are tales that teach the common courtesies of life through humor and intrigue. Set in a fictional woods known as, “Suavity Bosk”, each fable begins with a question, and each question is answered by John Cricket––the only human being in the bosk. Of course, Cricket’s answers are always a mixture of fact and fiction, but through this embroidered truth, the characters in Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables gain wisdom, make better choices, treat others as they should be treated, and, in general, lead more fulfilling lives. If you’re looking for family entertainment wrapped in sound advice, Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are something you and your children can warm up to.

brokentobeloved's podcast

Broken to Beloved with Tammy Unger is designed to bring awareness to the root cause of our heartache and brokenness. Regardless of our circumstances, together we will discover God's empowering truths and be set free in his love as we move from feeling lost and broken to knowing we are cherished and beloved.

Legacy Podcast

Challenge yourself to leave a great legacy. Host Joshua Reyes provides weekly messages to help you improve personally and spiritually to better understand your overall place in the body of Christ. Hear on topics ranging from family values, leadership, healing and more.