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Leading Smart

The show about Managing in the Brainpower Age. A field guide to the joys and challenges of leading and working in the modern workplace. Chris Williams is your guide to the stories and ideas that will inspire you to be a better leader in the world of knowledge work.


Truemancast c'est le podcast qui vous veut du bien, où je mets en avant des personnalités singulières dans divers secteurs. La transparence et l'honnêteté seront de mise, et nos invités, vous dirons tout sur le secteur dans lequel ils gravitent. Chaque interlocuteur est choisit selon les critère principaux qui sont la transparence et l'audace. Il vous parleront de leur business, les étapes qui l'ont fait pivoter,l'eco-systeme qui les entoure et le marché dans lequel ils évoluent sous toutes ses formes, y compris les moins valorisants.

Simple Tips Smart Ideas

If you run a micro business, are a freelancer or have a side hustle, this podcast is for you. Each episode is filled with simple advice, easy takeaways and ideas to help you grow your business. And finishes with a key tip. I’ve kept them short because if you run your own tiny business – you’re probably pressed for time. So 3-8 minutes for a bite-sized idea or two before you get on with your day. I’m covering some big themes, a raft of ways to earn new revenues, suggestions on how to think about customers – all sorts. Plus a case study or two illustrating how to put the thinking into practice. Having worked with over 300 companies in the last seven years alone, I developed the ideas and methodology you will hear to help owner/managers like you understand how to grow their business using what they already own. It’s not rocket science but smart and inventive thinking. The podcast is based on my book Simple Tips, Smart Ideas, published in January 2019. When I sat down to write it, I was conscious that there was very little help out there for tiny businesses. I run one, many of my friends run them, and I work with a wide variety of them – particularly across the creative, cultural and tech sector. Yet all the business books and advice seemed to largely be aimed at bigger ventures, for those caught up in the corporate world, or be written by hugely successful business gurus who’d made their millions and were telling us how to emulate them. But that isn’t to say the ideas are in anyway small. I have been both a creative head and financial director working in larger companies, have had big brands and household names as clients. I just prefer running a micro business with the freedom and remarkable opportunities this gives you. This podcast is to help you grow your venture into the business you want it to be. Good luck. Follow me on : Instagram: @ericawolfemurray Facebook: EWolfeMurray Twitter: @ewolfemurray, @EricaWM_lola To buy a copy of Simple Tips, Smart Ideas book, go to www.ericawolfemurray.co.uk/shop or you can find it in good booksellers, Foyles or on Amazon at https://amzn.to/2NZngLD

Speaker Sales Systems

Speaker Sales Systems with Shawn Rhodes is for speakers, consultants, seminar leaders and experts who want to build predictable, scalable speaking businesses. Shawn is founder of Speaker Sales Systems, a company and works with top speakers around the globe to help them find order in the chaos of their businesses. 5,000+ calls in to hundreds of prospects, we've learned that the speaking business can be scalable, predictable and profitable!

GBS Corp - Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Solutions is an educational podcast that offers solutions to today’s biggest business challenges as seen through the eyes of leading industry experts and market professionals. Explore the worlds of technology, healthcare, logistics, brand security, and information management, and see how today’s leaders are successfully navigating them on a daily basis.

Mullins Farrier Podcast

Welcome to the Mullins Farrier Podcast. Imparting wisdom forged over lifetimes of experience.

The Teresa Harding Podcast

This podcast is for people who know that this industry is not about the network marketer anymore! It's about the people we serve and the change we can make in other peoples lives. It's about the entrepreneur inside each of us who is trying to find our voice. It's for the people who want to change the world and are looking for the most powerful way to make that happen.

Riktiga Män

Det är dags att bygga broar mellan män och kvinnor. För att en förändring ska bli möjlig måste vi prata om vad som är maskulint, vad som är feminint och hur dessa normer begränsar och stoppar oss. Jämställdhet är nödvändigt för att vi ska kunna utvecklas och sträva framåt, lösningen finns i att prata med män. Varje vecka kommer jag intervjua en riktig man som berättar om sitt liv, sin livsresa och hur vi tillsammans kan förbättra framtiden! Jag vill fråga våra bröder, pappor och söner hur de mår. Vi kommer att diskutera om den gemensamma bild av manlighet. Det är dags att fråga varandra varför vissa män skulle vara mer riktiga än andra? Vad som är feminint och maskulint? Är det manligt att tåla stryk, försörja familjen, bita ihop, vara macho, vara gentleman och våga ta risker? Är det omanligt att gråta, be om hjälp och visa sina svagheter? Hur påverkas vi av fördomarna om hur en riktig man ska vara?

Thrive Now: Grow Yourself | Grow Your Business

Raitis Stalazs, Founder and CEO of ThriveCourses.com, interviews successful entrepreneurs and reveals the strategies and mindset they implemented to succeed. Discover the motivation, inspiration, and education you’ve been searching for to grow yourself and grow your business. Raitis is a motivational speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur with a passion for breathing life into big ideas, all while aiming to elevate and inspire your personal and business life. His vision for a show set in his Tesla Model X grew out of his passion for helping people get where they want to go. Subscribe to the show to learn about entrepreneurship, startup businesses, online businesses, time management, standard operating procedures (SOP), networking, education, team building, connecting with others, relationships, podcasting, online courses, and many other strategies and success principles along with business ventures to which you can apply them.

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

Is it possible to turn your dreams into reality? What does it take to build a business and life you love? Is it possible to work from anywhere? How can I earn enough money to have my dream life and give to non-profits? What exactly do I need to learn to do that? What do I do when overwhelm hits? These are a few of the questions we’ll answer, and of course a few more along the way. Come along and join your host Beth Hale, who left her dream Disney job to build her dream life, and a few of her entrepreneurial friends right here every week. There’ll be Strategic Steps, Top Tips and Inspirational Interviews to help you turn those ideas into reality in business, charity and life. It’s time for you to become a Dreamer AND a Doer!

The People Business Podcast by Beneplace

We talk about how HR leaders approach issues like attraction, retainment, and engagement. Beneplace provides your employees with savings marketplaces. Our online platform has deals on everything from grocery delivery to new and used cars. Check us out at https://beneplace.com

3X Value Growth

Tune in to hear from experts who generously share Do's and Don'ts, Best Practices, and Lesson Learned; to help owners of private companies crack the code on multiplying the value in their business in any economy. The 3X Value Growth Podcast is a forum to hear from advisors with the expertise and resources you need now to ensure your mid-market enterprise can reach its full potential.