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34 Gratitude: Helping Manufacturers Keep Their Top Talent with Lisa Ryan

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Release Date: 03/10/2021

100 Win the Day: Stories and Tips for Finding Motivation and Results with Eric Berdan show art 100 Win the Day: Stories and Tips for Finding Motivation and Results with Eric Berdan

Mindfulness Manufacturing

“Are you winning?” This is one of my favorite questions to ask when I enter a manufacturing plant, and it’s always interesting to see the variety of responses. To learn more about how leaders and their teams can do more to “win the day,” I’m excited to welcome my friend and former neighbor Eric Berdan to the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast. After years of experience in manufacturing and running factories, Eric now works at the business optimization leader for Nestle North America. In this episode, he shares some great stories about what it takes to win in the manufacturing...

99 How To Be Relentlessly Helpful with Susan Baier show art 99 How To Be Relentlessly Helpful with Susan Baier

Mindfulness Manufacturing

“What else can I do to help?” For Susan Baier, the founder and president of Audience Audit, this question changed the trajectory of her career when she received generous assistance as a recent college graduate. She now gives back through her work with Audience Audit, where she helps businesses grow their ROI through transformational thought leadership reputations and stronger marketing. In this episode, Susan joins me to share her story and insights about how leadership can shift their mindset and find ways to be “relentlessly helpful” in their organizations and lives. 2:08 – To be...

98 Write Your Own 98 Write Your Own "Must-Read" with AJ Harper

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you want to grow your writing skills or find new ways to use words to inspire your team and grow your organization? If you’re ready to take the first steps toward writing a book, AJ Harper is here to help! AJ is an editor, publishing strategist, and former ghostwriter who now uses her skills to help others write transformational books, grow their leadership, and make a unique impact on the world. She shares her methods through workshops like her Top Three Books Workshop, and she is also the author of  . In this podcast episode, AJ shares more...

97 97 "Yes, And . . . " Speaking and Performance Tips for Engaging Your Team with Michael Port

Mindfulness Manufacturing

What do manufacturing leaders have in common with performers? More than you think! In this episode, I’m joined by Michael Port, a bestselling author, former professional actor, and the founder of Heroic Public Speaking. Drawing from his experience as an actor and speaker, he joins me in this episode to talk about how leaders can improve their performance skills to heighten their impact, grow their role in their organization, and find the most effective ways to inform, persuade, and motivate their teams. 3:30 – Putting on a performance doesn’t necessarily mean showcasing a fake version of...

96 How to Dress for Success and Authenticity with Morgan Wider show art 96 How to Dress for Success and Authenticity with Morgan Wider

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In , guest Sylvie di Guisto talked about the factors that go into creating a successful and memorable first impression. One of these factors is appearance, particularly the way we dress. To dig deeper, I’m excited to chat with today’s guest, Morgan Wider! Morgan is a personal style expert, speaker, and the founder of Wider Style, as well as the author of Worthy Wardrobe: Your Guide to Style, Shopping, & Soul. Drawing on her decade of leadership experience at major retail giants, she now uses her speaking, consulting, and styling to help others increase their performance through their...

95 Bringing Magic to the Manufacturing Floor with Jon Petz show art 95 Bringing Magic to the Manufacturing Floor with Jon Petz

Mindfulness Manufacturing

On the manufacturing floor, you might not see rabbits being pulled out of hats or people being miraculously levitated, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t everyday chances to create magical moments. To find out how leaders can create moments of magic, surprise, and delight on the manufacturing floor, I knew I had to go to the expert: Jon Petz, an entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author, and magician! In this episode, he shares why workplaces need more everyday magic, plus shares insights on how leaders can use intentionality, creativity, and mindfulness to turn simple, everyday moments...

94 Emotional Intelligence Lessons from an Irish Pub with Dr. Irvine Nugent show art 94 Emotional Intelligence Lessons from an Irish Pub with Dr. Irvine Nugent

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Why does communication break down and lead to conflict? Can we find a way to harness emotions for good, or are we always doomed to division and misunderstandings? As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, Dr. Irvine Nugent is no stranger to questions like these. Living in a time of great violence and turbulence has given him a unique perspective on emotions and body language, and he now uses his skills to help leaders understand and master their own emotions, discover the power of emotional intelligence, and transform their ability to engage with others. He is also the...

93 Saying No to Burnout with Nina Nesdoly show art 93 Saying No to Burnout with Nina Nesdoly

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Do you find yourself dreading Mondays ? Are you constantly stressed out about falling behind or not living up to your team’s expectations? You might be dealing with burnout, an occupational phenomenon that arises from chronic workplace stress. To learn more about burnout and what you can do to prevent it, check out this episode with guest Nina Nesdoly. Nina has an academic background in both neuroscience and organizational behavior, and she uses her niche expertise to help other manage stress, prevent burnout, and promote health and resilience in their organizations. In this podcast, she...

92 The ABCs of a Great First Impression with Sylvie di Giusto show art 92 The ABCs of a Great First Impression with Sylvie di Giusto

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In an interaction with someone new, you only have about seven seconds to make a great first impression. What can you do to make every second count? Find out in this episode with guest Sylvie di Giusto! Sylvie is a consultant, author, and international keynote speaker, who uses her years of corporate experience to help other professionals use emotional intelligence and conscious decision-making to change their behavior and find the best outcomes. In this episode, Sylvie joins me for a conversation about first impressions, overcoming biases, and why behavior and communications play a big role in...

91 Connecting the Leadership Locomotive with Jason A. Hunt show art 91 Connecting the Leadership Locomotive with Jason A. Hunt

Mindfulness Manufacturing

If the front isn’t connected to the caboose, a train won’t stay on the rails for very long! The same idea applies to manufacturing: if top-level leadership isn’t connected to the shop floor, there’s bound to be miscommunications, productivity breakdowns, and more. What can leaders do to keep the leadership locomotive running smoothly? Find out in this episode with Jason A. Hunt. With a background in both education and manufacturing, Jason is full of great stories about why connection plays a critical role in problem-solving. He also shares his tips on how leaders can use skills like...

More Episodes
00:00 – Introduction 00:30 – What is there to be grateful for in 2021 01:04 – Keeping your mindset not on what you don’t have

01:51 – Lisa Ryan introduction and tie in of gratitude to manufacturing

02:41 – Gratitude starts within yourself

03:52 – “They get their paycheck every Friday”

05:25 – Discretionary Effort; a gamechanger

06:34 – Making a beeline to the office because I’m all that and a bag of chips

07:43 – Ideas are Free

08:18 – The companies that need it the most are the one’s least likely to make the investment

09:20 – Make the decision whether to stay in a toxic environment

10:30 – Negative Ned & Negative Nancy, changing the energy

12:55 – Persistence

14:01 – Tolerance of toxicity and who needs to be fired

15:30 – What do I own in it and when to walk away

16:58 - Positivity vs. Gratitude

17:50 – Making the shift in re-wiring your brain

19:56 – Accountability; 12 yrs and counting

22:56 – Starting today with the little things

23:38 – The 30-day challenge gratitude and a path to happiness

24:40 – Gratitude starts with you -> today

25:55 – Grounding yourself with what you DO have

27:05 – Closing

27:39 – End

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