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89 Ignite Fires, Don't Put Them Out: How Leaders Can Shift Their Energy with Sara Canaday

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Release Date: 04/19/2023

105 A New Model for Positive Thinking with Dr. Paul Jenkins show art 105 A New Model for Positive Thinking with Dr. Paul Jenkins

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Just think positive! We’re all heard this phrase before, but thinking positively can be easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with a painful situation or difficult challenge. In this episode, guest Dr. Paul Jenkins is here to help you find a new approach for positive thinking. Dr. Paul is a professional psychologist who specializes in science and practice of positivity. He is also a coach, author, speaker, and “black belt in positivity” who creates models to help others find empowering new ways to view positivity. 2:39 – Positive thinking is more than a trite...

104 Leading with Intention, P2 with Jon Giganti show art 104 Leading with Intention, P2 with Jon Giganti

Mindfulness Manufacturing

If you missed part one with guest Jon Giganti, be sure to listen to Episode 103 . Jon Giganti is speaker, tech executive, and USA Today bestselling author. He is the author of With Intention, where he delves into how leaderships can use skills like agency, awareness, and ambition to find new success, take ownership of their past, and bring impactful change to their organizations. In this episode, Jon shares more lessons and insights about how leaders can use intentionality to form strong connections, find productive results, and serve their team in the authentic, impactful ways. 1:29 –...

103 Leading With Intention, P1 with Jon Giganti show art 103 Leading With Intention, P1 with Jon Giganti

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Do you find yourself starting the day with positive intentions, then leaving your manufacturing plant at the end of the day feeling like you didn’t actually accomplish any of your intentions? You might be struggling with “intention deficit disorder!” This is definitely something I’ve struggled with, but I felt much better after reading With Intention by speaker, tech executive, and USA Today bestselling author Jon Giganti. Jon is also a friend and professional speaking colleague, and after reading his fantastic book, I wanted to hear more of his thoughts on how we can all bring more...

102 Be a Witness: Why Seeing Others and Being Seen Is the Key to Building Relationships with Corban David Janai show art 102 Be a Witness: Why Seeing Others and Being Seen Is the Key to Building Relationships with Corban David Janai

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Relationships play a key role in fostering curiosity, building connection, and combating disconnection. But how do we create strong, authentic relationships? To answer that question, I’m joined by guest Corban David Jenai. Corban is an entrepreneur, artist, world traveler, and father. He also currently serves as the Chief Hope Officer at HopeGuide, where he draws from his own PTSD diagnosis and healing journey to help others find the freedom and connection they need to recover from their trauma. In this episode, Corban shares why vulnerbility and intentionality are important for building...

101 Relationships, Realities, Results, and Authenticity: The Equation for Success with Kathy Miller show art 101 Relationships, Realities, Results, and Authenticity: The Equation for Success with Kathy Miller

Mindfulness Manufacturing

To make better decisions and increase the overall engagement in your organization or workplace, you need diversity of thought! This is why I’m always so excited to talk to women in manufacturing roles, like Kathy Miller! Kathy has held multiple executive roles in manufacturing, including roles at General Motors, Delphi Automotive Systems, and Rolls-Royce. She was also inducted into the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2021, and has written about her unique journey as a woman in manufacturing in her book Steel Toes and Stilettos. In this episode, Kathy shares more about her experiences...

100 Win the Day: Stories and Tips for Finding Motivation and Results with Eric Berdan show art 100 Win the Day: Stories and Tips for Finding Motivation and Results with Eric Berdan

Mindfulness Manufacturing

“Are you winning?” This is one of my favorite questions to ask when I enter a manufacturing plant, and it’s always interesting to see the variety of responses. To learn more about how leaders and their teams can do more to “win the day,” I’m excited to welcome my friend and former neighbor Eric Berdan to the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast. After years of experience in manufacturing and running factories, Eric now works at the business optimization leader for Nestle North America. In this episode, he shares some great stories about what it takes to win in the manufacturing...

99 How To Be Relentlessly Helpful with Susan Baier show art 99 How To Be Relentlessly Helpful with Susan Baier

Mindfulness Manufacturing

“What else can I do to help?” For Susan Baier, the founder and president of Audience Audit, this question changed the trajectory of her career when she received generous assistance as a recent college graduate. She now gives back through her work with Audience Audit, where she helps businesses grow their ROI through transformational thought leadership reputations and stronger marketing. In this episode, Susan joins me to share her story and insights about how leadership can shift their mindset and find ways to be “relentlessly helpful” in their organizations and lives. 2:08 – To be...

98 Write Your Own 98 Write Your Own "Must-Read" with AJ Harper

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you want to grow your writing skills or find new ways to use words to inspire your team and grow your organization? If you’re ready to take the first steps toward writing a book, AJ Harper is here to help! AJ is an editor, publishing strategist, and former ghostwriter who now uses her skills to help others write transformational books, grow their leadership, and make a unique impact on the world. She shares her methods through workshops like her Top Three Books Workshop, and she is also the author of  . In this podcast episode, AJ shares more...

97 97 "Yes, And . . . " Speaking and Performance Tips for Engaging Your Team with Michael Port

Mindfulness Manufacturing

What do manufacturing leaders have in common with performers? More than you think! In this episode, I’m joined by Michael Port, a bestselling author, former professional actor, and the founder of Heroic Public Speaking. Drawing from his experience as an actor and speaker, he joins me in this episode to talk about how leaders can improve their performance skills to heighten their impact, grow their role in their organization, and find the most effective ways to inform, persuade, and motivate their teams. 3:30 – Putting on a performance doesn’t necessarily mean showcasing a fake version of...

96 How to Dress for Success and Authenticity with Morgan Wider show art 96 How to Dress for Success and Authenticity with Morgan Wider

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In , guest Sylvie di Guisto talked about the factors that go into creating a successful and memorable first impression. One of these factors is appearance, particularly the way we dress. To dig deeper, I’m excited to chat with today’s guest, Morgan Wider! Morgan is a personal style expert, speaker, and the founder of Wider Style, as well as the author of Worthy Wardrobe: Your Guide to Style, Shopping, & Soul. Drawing on her decade of leadership experience at major retail giants, she now uses her speaking, consulting, and styling to help others increase their performance through their...

More Episodes

In today’s busy manufacturing world, leaders are feeling more stressed and stretched-thin than ever, as they deal with the staggering expectations and everyday demands on their time, energy, and attention. In this episode on how leaders can discover productive, healthy ways to free up their time and energy, I’m joined by author and leadership development coach Sara Canaday. Sara uses her years of corporate experience to advocate for leaders and help them grow the skills they need to strengthen their leadership skills, enhance their relationships, and thrive in today’s complex, competitive climate. In this episode, she talks about why leaders often end up feeling burnt-out, plus shares some unique practices organizations can use to best support their leaders.

2:16 – Leaders are meant to ignite fires, not constantly put them out. If you’re a leader who finds yourself constantly acting as a firefighter, it’s time to reconnect with the meaning of your role.

3:22 – We’re conditioned from a young age to be productive and to feel like we’re only valuable if we’re doing something, which impacts the way we lead and show up in the workplace

4:40 – Even when you’re doing nothing, your mind is still very productive, which is why it’s important to take a strategic pause to declutter your mind, find more clarity, and make better decisions and better serve your team

7:43 – Deep discovery and creative problem-solving can’t fully happen when we’re multitasking

8:26 – It can be helpful to reach out to others and let them add structure to your thinking and gain a broader prospective

9:40 – You have more control and agency over your own time than you think you do

10:00 – To gain more control over your time, dig deeper into your schedule and challenge yourself to think about what is the most important. For example, you could start skipping meetings that you don’t really need to be at, or send someone else to takes notes for you.

10:25 – Instead of just thinking about your to-do list, consider starting a list of things you can stop doing or delegate to someone else on your team

10:48 – As a leader, you have an obligation to think about how your can use your time in a way that best serves your team and your clients

11:43 – A change in scenery, like a stop at a coffeeshop on your way to your plant, is a great way to shift your mindset and build productive new habits

13:50 – Leaders should be responsive, but they also have to clearly show their priorities to themselves and the rest of their organization

15:05 – Leaders deal with exponential and even sometimes unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to solving problems and facilizing productive conversations about important issues like social justice and employee mental health

16:08 – Leaders are doers and drivers, but they are also human beings and there’s only so much they can do

16:30 – There are many things team and organizations can do to support their leaders, including thinking about the most important priorities or even hiring someone to help with some of the leader’s other tasks

17:39 – Instead of impressing others, spend more time on thinking about what they really need to feel support and healthy in their role

20:00 – Shifting your mindset starts with putting aside your own biases and anything else that is clouding your judgment

20:43 – After putting aside your assumptions, spend more time discovering new, time-saving solutions by staying curious and seeking out productive, unbiased conversations with others

22:43 – If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to just ask

23:00 – It takes courage to ask for what you need, but it’s important to find ways to protect your time and energy

23:42 – Leaders deserve a better experience, and a good experience can create a domino effect that positively impacts the rest of their team

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