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3 Simple teaching tips for better online course videos

The Online Course Coach Podcast

Release Date: 02/07/2018

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Online Course Video Tip of the Week - How to get on camera without feeling like you’re on camera

  1. conduct a demonstration (like a cooking show isn’t a lecture but a demonstration)
  2. Do an interview with another expert - interviews take the pressure off you!
  3. Make a picture-in-picture video with your PPT slides (get funny b-roll of me being trapped in the PIP)
  4. Have someone ask you questions and have it be more conversational…like an off-camera interview. Just make sure to keep it interesting and engaging
  5. Have fun with it. Take the pressure off yourself by making jokes, singing songs, and just having fun. It’s ok if you mess up a bit, in fact, it will show you’re a real person!
  6. While you may want to use a teleprompter, write out your main points and tape it near the camera

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3 Simple Teaching Tips for Better Online Course Videos

These are 3 things that every course video, module, and lesson should contain. It will help your students better learn, remember and apply the course content.

1. Know

This is typical where course creators start….and end. It’s the easiest to do because it’s where you convey your knowledge. It’s one of the most important…but it’s not the only thing your course should contain

2. Feel

This is usually overlooked but it’s very important. The student may not truly learn if they don’t feel anything. This might be hard for some personality types to think about the emotional aspect of the course content. Think about what the content will make your students feel. How will that impact their life? How will it motivate them to continue the course? Tony Robins says ‘change your story. Change your life’ and emotion is a big part of that. What can you do to help change the student’s story, so they know and feel it?

3. Do

One of the most important pieces of your teaching is to help the student transform what you know, so they know it. And what they can feel with that knowledge but most importantly, you want them to change their lives with this information. You want them to DO something with your course content. What do you want them to do? So how do we do this? Here is a simple layout that I help my students use when their creating course videos. Teach what you’re going to teach, teach it, review it, ask them to put it into practice

  • Prepare
  • Teach (know and feel)
  • Review
  • Consider
  • Do

If you follow the advice above then your online course videos will be more effective, your students will have more success which will make your online course more profitable. Everyone wins when you spend a little more time preparing your course content. Which tips did you like the best? I'd love to hear what you're working on and learning. This entire website is to help course creators improve their online courses. Send me a message. I'd love to hear from you. And don't forget, if you want to create more effective online course videos in half the time, sign up for the free video and get on the waitlist for Easy Video for Courses.