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The Top Traits of Successful Online Course Creators

The Online Course Coach Podcast

Release Date: 09/06/2018

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I’ve interviewed successful course creators. I’ve also coached course creators and created courses of my own as well as for large companies and have found that there are differences in ones that succeed and ones that don’t. And it’s not their fame, money or other factors. I’ll talk about those differences in this episode.

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1. Successful online course creators don’t let fear get in the way. Fear of failure OR fear of success

I’ve had both of those. Do you struggle with one more than the other? But I've found that when I push through the fear and find success, I look back with such satisfaction that the process is worth it all. In fact, at times I welcome things into my life that scare me because I know how much success it's helped build in my life.

2. The top course creators prioritize their course because they know spending some time now will help them increase success and decrease time later

3. Course creators build their audience and influence so they can help more people with their courses

This might includes building their email list, speaking at conferences, being on podcasts and becoming known outside their immediate circles. If this scares you, you might look at improving your public speaking skills, hiring a coach or just taking the time to improve on these areas.

4. eCourse creators aren’t too cheap. They view learning as an investment

I struggled with this when I first started my business. And while I’m smart with my money I know when to invest my money to help get me further/faster. What if you could spend a few hundred dollars and have your course created so you can sell it 24/7 and make that money back in the first month? Is that an expense or an investment?

5. They don’t let technology get in the way. They might hire it out or learn it

Don't let technology, software or any hurdle get in your way. You can either learn to do it yourself or find someone competent that can do it for you. You'll never scale your business if YOU do all the work in your business.

6. Top course creators have a marketing system in place to sell their courses

This is one of the top things that separates the top course creators from the others. Do you have a marketing plan in place to build your audience and sell your courses? If not, click the links before this sentance to download my free guides on both topics. It will help you get a plan in place.

7. They have a network of motivated friends to encourage them

8. Have a network of other course Creators that will promote or do joint ventures with them