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Selling Accounting Services 2.0 w/ Debra Angilletta

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Release Date: 01/12/2022

Pricing with Confidence w/  Melanie Power & Andrew Robinson show art Pricing with Confidence w/ Melanie Power & Andrew Robinson

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

In this week’s episode, Roger Knecht speaks to  Melanie Power and Andrew Robinson, founders of the global movement for bookkeeper revolution. Melanie is well known for her role at Xero as the head of bookkeeping and growing her own practice to 120 clients in a year. Andrew is a chartered accountant who has transitioned his own mid tier accounting firm from compliance to advisory work tripling his revenue with one third of the clients. He is designing systems that help businesses track their records so they can normalize the tax they pay. In their conversation, Melanie and Andrew share...

Advisory Services w/ Joe Woodard show art Advisory Services w/ Joe Woodard

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Roger and Joe discuss things  you can do in business to make sure you are going  beyond just providing financial reports but literally stepping into your clients world and helping them do things that can ultimately help them with succession planning.    Learn about the six disciplines of advisory from this conversation Financial advisory Technology advisor Operational advisor Knowledge advisor In this episode, you will learn about data information knowledge and wisdom and that road that you play as you help your clients. Joe also speaks on the importance of attending...

Becoming Creditable w/ Mitchell Levy show art Becoming Creditable w/ Mitchell Levy

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Roger is happy to bring Mitchell Levy back to the podcast for another timely discussion.  They cover a variety of topics beginning with a subject we each need to consider both personally and professionally, the need to bring creditability to the relationships we have. After hundreds of discussions with successful and influential business leaders, Mitchell shares some of his observations and insights including the need for us all to be timely, and punctual.  Time is a precious commodity so we all can do a better job respecting our time. Roger and Mitchel also discuss the importance of...

Working Remotely with Confidence w/ Hossein Dadkhah show art Working Remotely with Confidence w/ Hossein Dadkhah

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

This is easily something we should discuss more often and it’s time we do it now.  Listen in as Roger and Hossein discuss the benefits afforded the accounting profession when using technology along with the areas of concern we don’t want to forget. They address both the why and how we should be securing our client data.  Of course we try to use technology to work efficiently but we also should consider a multilayered approach to security.  In fact, Hossein shares with us the 3-step approach: protection, detection, response He then points out which and where should you be...

Profit, Then What? w/ Manos Cito show art Profit, Then What? w/ Manos Cito

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

As accounting professionals, we are fortunate to see the success of our clients.  They individually see their wealth increase but what can we do to help them manage that success.  Now that the business owner is profitable what should they be doing with those monies? Listen in as Manos and Roger discuss various options that we can introduce to help them legally limit their tax liabilities, plan for tomorrow, and invest in the business, themselves as well as their key employees. This is the side of business success we need to be more familiar with and be prepared to point them in the...

Effective Online Marketing w/ Nate Hagerty show art Effective Online Marketing w/ Nate Hagerty

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

“Nothing happens until you make a sale” or get a client.  Regardless of how good we are at the services we offer, without paying clients it doesn’t matter. Listen in to this great conversation that Nate and Roger have to address issues and strategies surrounding online marketing to get the leads you need and how to then nurture them to become paying clients. Tax Marketing sounds great but too often we fail to get it done.  Regardless it is essential to grow the business.  So, let’s first accept that we all experience a lack follow-through They will also discuss client...

This Week on BPAF : Nate Hagerty show art This Week on BPAF : Nate Hagerty

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Join us this Wednesday for a new episode where Roger discusses online marketing with Nate Hagerty.

Meaningful Client Relations, H2H w/ Shane Lukas show art Meaningful Client Relations, H2H w/ Shane Lukas

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Let’s take a moment and discuss FEAR.  We can define it but more importantly concur it with preparation.  “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” D&C 38:30 But how does this apply to an accounting business, you’ll understand, just listen in as Roger and Shane discuss it and the 4 things every accountant should address when running the business. They will also cover things such as: Why “purpose” matters. What difference are we really making? Our Impact / Your Impact – the little bits and pieces that make a difference Next Roger and Shane discuss the power of adding...

Balancing Mental Health & Accountability w/ Ted Paulsen show art Balancing Mental Health & Accountability w/ Ted Paulsen

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

It’s time we talk about us individually, as business owners, entrepreneurs, but also the personal side that we also need to acknowledge as we run the business and work with others. Roger and Ted have an in-depth conversation that covers a variety of topics we all need to consider.  For example, as business owners, an Accountrepreneur, are we coping well with the related stresses?  What self-talk are we having on a daily basis?  What is our relationship with our ego?  Are we open to those around you that are ready to help? When interacting with our peers, our employees do...

Your Money Mindset w/ Melissa Houston show art Your Money Mindset w/ Melissa Houston

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

This is a conversation that everyone will be able to relate to.  Roger and Melissa keep it professional but will also make this personal.  We each have destructive stigmas that we deal with that hold us back, especially when it comes to money.  In fact, everyone has a unique money story. As accounting professionals are we inspiring and empowering our clients to be financially successful? It’s not enough that we provide, we also need to be willing to teach business owners, CEO’s their numbers in business so they can create more profit in their business. Ask yourself this,...

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Listen as two expert salespeople share their insights; the key elements needed to close the deal and get the clients you deserve.  Debra and Roger offer actionable steps that any accounting professional can take to comfortably use to get the next new client.

This is an energetic conversation that you are sure to enjoy and use to improve your sales processes.  Get ready to take some good notes on topics ranging from:

  • Identifying and using your Inside Voice – your inner voice
  • Sales make the work go round, consider it first things first when it comes to your business. Sales are the things that makes money move, why? Because “nothing happens until you make a sale”!
  • How to use ROI, Return to Investment when making an offer? Listen to Debra as she shares a role play example that you don’t want to miss.
  • Does your offer make sense, for example would you buy from yourself and is the offer related to the desired outcome that the potential client stated?
  • Are you ready to play the confidence game and extend the “no-brainer-offer”
  • What are the 3 common objections and what are they really? Buying Signs!
  • What can you do to creating trust or build rapport and why is it important?
  • And so much more 😊

This is a fast-paced discussion that you may find yourself pausing or even rewinding to take good notes and apply in your business.

In the end, anyone and everyone can be comfortable offering their services with confidence.  Selling doesn’t need to be scary.

So, sit back, listen in, and enjoy this conversation with Debra and Roger.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Debra Angilletta

Debra works with Accountants & Bookkeepers who want clients to see their value, charge more for their services, but are struggling with sales calls. "Sales Mastery" is her personal (and proven!) online e-course that shows you how to become more consultative so that you can become the go-to-expert and get the right clients to easily say "YES" to your offer. Spending the last 30 years in the sales trenches having over 20,000 sales calls, she knows EXACTLY what works (and what doesn't!) when it comes to showing your value vs talk about it. Debra is still active in the sales trenches - closing business for her company as well as other multi-million-dollar companies which include Profit First Professionals and Nemo Media Group.


Universal Accounting Center

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