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The Practice of Enoughness: Mantra, Deities & Uniting What is Separate - Conversation with Janet Stone [Episode 151]

The Sivana Podcast

Release Date: 01/02/2018

Discover the joy of daily practices that ground and open the heart with world-renowned yoga teacher, Janet Stone. Learn simple mantras you can use throughout your day, the history behind Hindu deities like Durga and Vishnu, and how to invoke the goddess Lakshmi. Janet shares with us how we can move from a place of lack and wanting more to a practice of enoughness. Sprinkled throughout are many personal tips from Janet’s life as a yoga teacher, business-owner, and mom.


Janet Stone’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. She aspires not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from her, letting awareness blend with movement and breath. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads immersions, retreats, workshops and more.



Special Guest: Janet Stone



Creator & Host: Brett Larkin



Sound Engineer: Zach Cooper



Producer: Benn Mendelson




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