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Low Carb MD Podcast

Low Carb MD is a patient-centered podcast focusing on weight loss, wellness and preventative medicine. The co-hosts, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Dr. Tro Kalayjian, Dr. Jason Fung, and Megan Ramos will interview a new guest on each episode and walk the listeners through how they approach weight loss, wellness and disease reversal with their patients.

Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill

Find out how some of the worlds most successful people were able to level up and create everything from nothing. Join Natalie Jill, Fat Loss Expert turned High Performance Coach. On this podcast she'll be talking to some of the most inspiring and courageous men and women on the planet, who at their worst, learned how to achieve success greater than they ever dreamed possible LEVELING UP - creating EVERYTHING from nothing.

Young Athlete Podcast

The​ Young Athlete Podcast is for parents of young athletes, coaches and young athletes themselves. It is designed to provide great information on keeping young athletes injury free and on the playing field - whether they are an elite athlete or not! Young people's health and wellbeing is every bit as important as any elite, professional athlete. ​Elite athletes have their own stable of people to look after them, keep them injury free and on track - through this show we want to provide a stable of people to help you look after your young athlete​. All advice contained in these episodes is general in nature, and you should consult an expert about your specific circumstances before commencing any activities or following advice contained in them.

The Acupuncture Points Podcast

For practicing acupuncturists, each episode in this weekly podcast explores needling technique, indications, and clinical applications for a set of five individual acupuncture points. The conversation is based on the personal experiences of two seasoned practitioners, each with over 30 years of clinical practice. Dr. Daoshing Ni is the co-founder of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and chair of the Doctoral program in Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine. Dr. James Skoien is an international lecturer on the topic of Chinese Medicine with over 33 years of teaching experience.

Real Aligned Women

Real Aligned Women (aka RAW) is a podcast co-hosted by Courtney Andersen and Lori Massicot where they share inspiring stories from themselves and others in recovery from addiction. Honest, authentic, and sometimes humorous; RAW tells is like it is!

Myelin & Melanin

Podcast hosted by Dawn and Daana -- two Black women musing about life with Multiple Sclerosis. Dawn is a 43-year-old mother, living in the DC Metropolitan area. She was diagnosed with RRMS in 2000. She has a BA in American Studies from SUNY Buffalo, and completed her graduate work in English as a Second Language at American University. In 2001, Dawn was on track to begin a PhD program; however, life got in the way and an MS diagnosis became the focus. She was an elementary ESL teacher for fifteen years and now teaches ESL courses at Anne Arundel and Howard Community College on a part-time basis. Daana is 39 years old, living in Milwaukee, WI. She was diagnosed with RRMS in 2004. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Africology, a Master of Science in Cultural Foundations of Education, and is a PhD candidate in Social Foundations of Education, with a specialization in Sociology. She is resigned to the fact that her PhD candidate status will likely be in perpetuity, as finishing her dissertation presents a unique set of challenges in combination with health issues. Daana’s DMDs have ranged from Avonex, to Tysabri to LEMTRADA (final infusion in 2016) — with IV steroids, plasmapheresis and botox injections in between over the years. She began Ocrevus in December 2018, after new lesions were found post LEMTRADA. Dawn and Daana met in 2016 in a Facebook group dedicated to the drug LEMTRADA. Though they live in two different states, in two different parts of the country, through the amazing power of technology, they virtually join each other to share their experiences about living life with MS.

Chakra Girl Radio

I'm Amber-Lee Lyons, your Chakra Expert and Energy + Crystal connoisseur. Just call me your Spiritual BFF and join me on Chakra Girl Radio as I interview today's top influencers and gurus to get an inside look at the rituals and soul-practices that have manifested their success, glamour, and designer bags, and how they bounce back from the dark time that us spiritual babes feel all too hard! We're also raising the vibes each week with celebrity gossip, my top chakra tips, and beauty and fashion recs to spice up your glamorous and grounded wellness. Grab your glass of vino and some rose quartz, and join us while we cultivate the perfect balance between spiritual and material, gurus and Gucci. Follow along on Instagram for more inspo @chakragirlco or at chakragirlco.com

Explicitly Speaking

A tell all conversation dissecting our sex lives. Each week Connor and Janice sit down to chat about their sex lives. We discuss some of the different experiences, roadblocks and conversations they have along the way. With very different views and experiences with sex, it can make for some very comical and interesting debate.

Unstuck with Susan

Get Unstuck with Susan, your unstuck coach. Susan Collum is a high tech survivor and a certified Life Coach. Each episode I share all the practical and spiritual tools to get unstuck in your job, your relationships, your health, and your life. You don’t have to stay feeling stuck. Stick with me, I’ll show you how. Music composed and performed by Jameson Stewart. Shownotes: susancollum.com/podcast IG: @sucollum FB: /coachsusancollum

Lessons in Life & Love with Coach Riana Milne

Learn to have Conscious, Loving & Respectful Relationships! This educational podcast is for Successful Single or Couples Adults who Struggle in Love and can't figure out why. Overcome a Fear-based, Negative Mindset, Anxiety, Lack of Trust, Codependency & Emotional Triggers due to past Childhood or Love Trauma - to Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve! I'm Coach Riana Milne, a Certified, Global Life & Love Coach and Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional. I’m a #1 Bestselling Author and taught Personal Life Transformation for over 40 years to teens and adults of all ages. This 30 minute to1-hr podcast is posted on Fridays. Season One is educational (shows 1-38) and Season Two is a 30-minute format which features Live Coaching with Volunteers of all ages with real issues, Guest Experts, and other new Educational topics to help you Succeed in all Life areas; including Love. Need help, want to suggest a topic or be on the show? Email me at RianaMilne@gmail.com.

The Fit Life

A weekly show that brings together the best minds and ideas in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Hosted by Mike Lee and Steve Hennessy-Maia, both personal trainers and business owners in London, they connect with industry leaders, while providing you tips from their real world experience in fitness to bring your health to the next level.

The Joyful Hour

We bring you wellness and personal development insight and information along with empowering and inspiring stories of people who are living their truth. The information is compelling and cutting edge, and the stories are meaningful and authentic. The threads that run through our episodes are healing, purpose and authentic self-expression. According to neuroscience, joy is our natural emotional state. Meaning that being in a state of joy — having a deep sense of well-being and peace — virtually all the time, is not only possible — it is actually how we are designed!!! Yet we struggle day to day, feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, overwhelmed or depressed instead. There are many inspirational resources out there, but it can be difficult to translate those messages into reality in our own day-to-day lives. And so we created The Joyful Hour Podcast to help you learn easy ways to allow your natural state of peace and joy to bubble up more often, to help you build your “joy” muscle.💫 Host Bianca Erickson is Miami's Personal Development + Wellness Expert whose big heart 💗 and background in Psychology, Public Health Research (Epidemiology), charitable work, Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence inform the enlightening conversations. Welcome!!! We are excited to have you join us on this journey back to joy! 🤩