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Episode 98: Best Practices for Raising Your Prices

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

Release Date: 03/07/2022

Episode 114: Bonus: Why Leaders Ignore National Averages show art Episode 114: Bonus: Why Leaders Ignore National Averages

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

This week’s bonus session demonstrates a bit of a core philosophy over here at KLC: “Disrupt the status quo”. As we are on a mission to help 100 inspiring and intentional women cross the next million dollar milestone in their business this year, we are supremely intentional about who we link arms with. Meaning, if someone comes to us and is asking questions about how to simply stay afloat they are likely not going to be the right fit for our community. Never am I asked to help someone become average. But if I had a dollar for everytime I’m asked ‘what most people do’ I’d be...

Episode 113: What Your Practice Manager Needs From You show art Episode 113: What Your Practice Manager Needs From You

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

Today I want to flip the script in a very loving and supportive way for you business owners out there who are responsible for supporting a significant number of employees and also for those of you who are thinking about bringing on a manager to oversee staff management and your day to day operations. So often a business owner wears so many hats.  She has built her business doing brilliant 1:1 work with her patients, she is focused on clinical outcomes, client experience, and developing her brand.  And because of this the management side of things tends to get overlooked. Not because...

Episode 112: Hiring PTSD show art Episode 112: Hiring PTSD

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

It’s time for us to talk about the REAL reason many of us are having trouble finding great people after the so-called “great resignation”. In some cases, it’s not because of the sudden lack of qualified candidates, our limited budget to hire world class team members, or our ability to lead. Instead, many of us are stagnant in our hiring because we have become plagued with what I lovingly refer to as “Hiring PTSD”. I am witness to daily experiences with clients who have suffered severe and often repeated trauma with hiring. The experience of hiring the wrong people again and again,...

Episode 111: The 6 Stages of an Aesthetic Business Lifecycle show art Episode 111: The 6 Stages of an Aesthetic Business Lifecycle

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

I recently saw a mom of three kids chasing her toddler around while carrying a baby during her oldest son's baseball game. The experience took me back to the days of raising my now 10 and 13 year old boys, and the realization that they have really grown up and the way I parent and interact with them has taken a 180 turn. Not only have they changed, but so have I! And gosh, raising kids through the developmental stages of life is so much like raising a business. Who our business needs us to be when it’s a baby business is dramatically different from its requirements as it matures. Today’s...

Episode 110: The Inner Workings of a $1.2B Business Leader show art Episode 110: The Inner Workings of a $1.2B Business Leader

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

With an influx of private equity seeking investment opportunities in our booming industry, one current hot topic among aesthetic providers is “how do I prepare my business become attractive to a buyer”? Most of the time our clients start their businesses with no thought of their end game. They are following their passion, living out their mission, making a transformative impact on their patients. In this week’s Fierce Factor podcast episode I would like to introduce what we at KLC refer to as a “champagne exit” through a powerful case study of Jamie Kern Lima- entrepreneur,...

Episode 109: Success Begins and Ends With You show art Episode 109: Success Begins and Ends With You

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

According to 2021 data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. And in the aesthetic industry, a hyper saturated market with an influx of business owners selling the same services as their competitors, these numbers are even higher. And I don’t share these statistics to scare you, but instead to reinforce how critical it will be as you advance in your business to become...

Episode 108: Your Proprietary Aesthetic Method - The Retreat show art Episode 108: Your Proprietary Aesthetic Method - The Retreat

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

So often a business owner who is also the main service provider of their business has an approach that is so customized that only they can do it. While this customization is so impactful to patient outcomes, it can be very challenging to teach this approach to someone else. The dilemma so many of our clients face when they come to work with us is being able to offer a consistent experience for patients as they scale their business through other providers, and to leverage this experience as a brand differentiator that “calls” patients to them versus needing to “sell” patients on getting...

Episode 107: Fierce Women in Aesthetics: Alisha Rose Merlo show art Episode 107: Fierce Women in Aesthetics: Alisha Rose Merlo

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

This week I am sharing a special Fierce Factor Encore episode with Alisha Rose Merlo, Senior Director of Professional Relations at Colorescience and Founder of The Inspo Zone on LinkedIn. She joins us to share her journey to the aesthetics industry, the importance of elevating others and how to be the most authentic version of yourself. Leaving New Jersey to attend school for a Degree in Speech Language Pathology, Alisha knew three things: she was never getting married, never having kids and never driving a minivan. Looking back now, a married mother and grandmother of two, Alisha’s biggest...

Episode 106: How to Know When It's Time to Hire show art Episode 106: How to Know When It's Time to Hire

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

In this week’s episode we have a vital conversation for anyone in any industry who is desiring to expand their output in their business in any capacity.  Meaning, you may be a solopreneur who is wondering “where do I go from here”, do I continue as is, do I scale up, or do I sell? Or you may be fully staffed in your current model but preparing for your expansion or exit and thinking about who you need to help you tackle that next move. I have conversations weekly with business owners who ask themselves this question.  Is now the right time to hire? How do I know? And while the...

Episode 105: Reflections: Six Pack Abs show art Episode 105: Reflections: Six Pack Abs

The Fierce Factor with Kaeli Lindholm

This week’s Fierce Factor podcast episode is a moment to reflect on growth, new milestones, the new outlook for our business and the trajectory for our clients, and how together we have evolved over the past few months through the experience of sharing my own personal and professional journey with you, leader. I’ve shared quite a bit in previous episodes about my college soccer days.  But I haven’t talked a lot about the years leading up to that.  In this episode, I share a story about the year I discovered my six pack abs and how my journey can be used as a parallel to raising...

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We are all experience post pandemic price increases as consumers, but as business owners there is not a ton of great advice around how to gently adjust pricing in a way that keeps your business operations running with lucrative profit margins, continues to attract the most ideal, most loyal clients, and saves you from a windfall of headaches and complaints.

And you know me, I’m all about sharing practical wisdom that you can actually implement… So today we are going to discuss best practices for raising your prices.

I want to help you get really comfortable with this process of increasing your prices routinely and share with you some of our most high end clients.

I’ll break up today’s episode into 3 parts:

  1. Why we believe in and teach high ticket brand positioning in our academy
  2.  When you know it’s time to raise your prices
  3. Best practices for implementing a price increase without disrupting the client experience

I suspect this week's episode is going to encourage you to take pause and evaluate how your pricing strategy is impacting your business model, your client experience, and your bank account.

But before you dive in, be sure to head over to www.klcconsultants.com/interviewboss to get thyself registered for this week’s hiring masterclass.  Learn how to find the best and brightest candidates and how to be a vixen in the interview process.

The event will take place March 9,10 with a day one session on interviewing strategies and day two live role play.  You’ll be given a comprehensive resource guide to follow along and dissect the live interview.  It’s like your own interview lab.

My goal for this session is to help you:

  • Clue in on my insider tips for expanding your candidate pool
  • Learn to immediately recognize red flags in the hiring process
  • Grab your popcorn and get a front row seat to a live interview

Here’s the thing… Interviewing can be an elusive endeavor.  Some employees' best skill is crushing their interview then sucking at their job.

I’m often told “I wish that employee performed as good as their job as they did in their interview”

And the reality is, there is an art to interviewing (and a few practical strategies) that will help you take the driver’s seat, ask the right questions to determine if a candidate is going to cut it in your culture and growing company.

The good news is, you can totally do this.  If you want to grow a sustainable business, mastering this skill will be critical because the only way to scale your business in a way that relies on assets (ahem human capital) instead of your precious time and energy is by building a badass team who is capable of lightening our load!

So if you want to take more stress free vacations, raise your prices pronto and sign up for this free crash course today!  Again the link is…

www. klcconsultants.com/interviewboss

This free session will be limited to 25 participants so be sure to snag your spot asap!

Thank you so much for tuning in today, leader. I can’t wait to hear all of your price increase success stories!

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