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Own Your Choices Own Your Life

Welcome to the podcast, "Own Your Choices Own Your Life". Your host, Marsha Vanwynsberghe is a Speaker, Life Coach, and Author of the Bestselling Book, "When She Stopped Asking Why". On this podcast, we will share the tips, tools and strategies used by our guests to breakthrough and overcome the challenges in their lives. Marsha is on a mission to educate, empower and inspire you to recognize that when you truly own your choices, you own your life.

info_outline #298: Fire In The Belly with Pete Lonton 08/19/2021
info_outline #297: The Blocks to Owning Your Story 08/16/2021
info_outline #296: Are You Using Your Superpower?  08/13/2021
info_outline #295: Let Life Love You with Misty Tripoli 08/12/2021
info_outline #294: Trusting the Process When *&%& Hits the Fan 08/09/2021
info_outline #293: Authenticity Is Calling Yourself Out Too 08/06/2021
info_outline #292: Embrace and Shine Your Light with Meghan Weir 08/05/2021
info_outline #291: Stop Standing in Your Past 08/02/2021
info_outline #290: What You Envy in Others  07/30/2021
info_outline #289: Choices That Create Your Life with George Wang 07/29/2021
info_outline #288: Using Your Gifts 07/26/2021
info_outline #287: Your Cheerleaders Are Silent 07/23/2021
info_outline #286: Forgive the Past to Create the Future of Your Dreams with Ashley Perkins 07/22/2021
info_outline #285: Trust Means Letting Go of the Plan  07/19/2021
info_outline #284: Authenticity is a Practice  07/16/2021
info_outline #283: Unlocking Your Potential Through Human Design with Laura Lorentz 07/15/2021
info_outline #282: The Power of the Subconscious Mind  07/12/2021
info_outline #281: The Relationship of Receiving and Fulfillment   07/09/2021
info_outline #280: You Have Always Been Home with Erica Hepperle 07/08/2021
info_outline #279: Why Your Story Matters  07/05/2021
info_outline #278: What Are You Holding Onto? 07/02/2021
info_outline #277: Growing and Building Legacy Businesses with Chantal Gatien 07/01/2021
info_outline #276: Are You Searching for Effortless? 06/28/2021
info_outline #275: Overcoming Childhood Sibling Sexual Abuse with Jane Epstein 06/25/2021
info_outline #274: Building Unshakable Confidence with Shay Haddow 06/24/2021
info_outline #273: Am I Doing Enough? 06/21/2021
info_outline #272: Are you Reacting or Responding? 06/18/2021
info_outline #271: Choose to Live with No Regrets with Jeff Lopes 06/17/2021
info_outline #270: Your Comfort Zone is Not a Benchmark 06/14/2021
info_outline #269: The How Isn’t Up to You  06/11/2021