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Mobile Home Park Investors with Jefferson Lilly & Brad Johnson

The Mobile Home Park Investors Podcast is the world’s first podcast dedicated to mobile home park investing. This weekly podcast explains the intricacies of this unique real estate niche and details why an investor would want to own a mobile home park, either directly or through a real estate fund. Current manufactured housing community owners will find this podcast helpful in improving their mobile home park’s operations and profitability. The Podcast is hosted by Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson who are the co-founders of Park Street Partners, a private real estate investment firm focused on mobile home parks. The company seeks to deliver its investors superior cash flow returns by acquiring and investing in undervalued mobile home parks. Park Street Partners does this while helping to solve America’s affordable housing crisis by improving communities and increasing the supply of housing in the markets it operates in.

The Entrepreneur Podcast - Startup Stories and Conversations with Successful Asian Technology Entrepreneurs and Founders

The Entrepreneur Podcast is created for today’s entrepreneur whether you have just started your journey as a entrepreneur / founder , small business owner, or a serial entrepreneur. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and actionable advice during your daily commute, workout, or me!! time, we deliver 7-days a week. Each episode brings you a successful Entrepreneur who will share their journey, listeners can learn from guests who make-up the elite class of entrepreneurs, founders, CEO's, a group comprised of creators, entrepreneurs and writers. We interview hard to reach entrepreneurs have gone out and spoken to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and founders in the world in the past year to find out exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, so you can learn from them. Why this podcast? Because I'm asking the same questions you want to know as an entrepreneur on their journey to building an extremely successful business. How do I get more customers? How do I scale my business? I want to start a business, but just don't know where to start? How did this person get millions of customers and make millions of dollars and have a such a massive impact on the world? Some of these entrepreneurs are very well known, and some not known at all and that’s the cool part! Here we will share with you our best interviews showcasing the persons processes, failures, critical lessons learnt and actionable strategies showing you how to build a successful business.

Green Connections Radio -  Innovative Women on Energy, Sustainability, Purpose, Careers, Leadership

One of the '6 Best Podcasts for Business Travelers' per USA Today -- engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with high-performing women innovators and leaders in clean energy and sustainability. Topics: Innovation, leadership, policy, consumers, women, entrepreneurship, the arts and careers.

It's All About SWAGGER with Marlena M.D. Kelley

It’s All About SWAGGER with Marlena M.D. Kelley is a weekly podcast created for you, the entrepreneur, solopreneur, and small business owner. The intention is to empower entrepreneurs to live and speak their truth as they grow their business and their bottom line. Every Monday get your ear buds ready and listen to insights, tips, and strategies designed to help you (SWAGGER Nation) become the most successful entrepreneurs you can be.


She's Fearless. She's Focused.

Agency Nation Radio - Insurance Marketing, Sales and Technology

Agency Nation Radio is the number one listen to podcast in the insurance industry. The ANR podcast network features two dynamic insurance related shows that fill your feed with a new show every day. Hosted by Joey Giangola you will always be getting the deepest insight and intimate knowledge floating around in the best minds in the industry. Marketing, sales, technology, operations and procedures are just some of the topics you'll hear on a daily basis.

The ClaimWizard Show

Welcome to the ClaimWizard Show! If you are looking for a little magic to improve your public insurance adjusting business, keep listening! The ClaimWizard Show is the place to be for fresh ideas, unique insights, growth strategies, and exclusive interviews - not for any ol' business, but YOUR public adjusting business. This show will feature topics catered to your business industry such as technology, marketing, and business best practices to get you making some magic of your own!

The Motivated Seller with Terry E Thompson | The Difference That Makes A Difference | A Podcast for B2B Sellers

The Motivated Seller Podcast is your source for practical, real-world tactics and strategies to improve your selling skills right now. Helping companies and sales professionals attract more clients, close more sales and deepen client relationship. If you are an individual contributor, sales team leader, CEO and want to improve your professional selling skills right now, this is the place to be. The goal is to motivate, inspire, coach, train, and teach you what you need to do to improve your ability to sale professional services, and give you the words and action steps to do just that. Get ready for The Motivated Seller Podcast each week with Terry E Thompson. Themotivatedseller.

Real Virtual Show - Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Conversations - VR

Want to discover more about virtual reality and augmented reality? The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things mixed reality: we have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting VR/AR industry and discover the endless creative, business, entrepreneur, and development possibilities in our exciting new world of mixed reality technology. Where real people talk about virtual - #RealVirtual www.realvirtualshow.com

DirecTech Labs

In the DirecTech Labs Podcast, Direct Selling expert Michel Bayan connects with some of the sharpest executives in the world to learn about their industry, their business and themselves. These discussions focus on technology and the future of the business model most call "direct sales" or MLM but can also be named "network marketing”, "social selling", etc. Looking into the future is a fun and fascinating exercise. But we’ve got to have one foot in the present so we can take what we’re learning and dreaming about and translate that into action, now. Business success in a vacuum is far from fulfilling, so many of our guests also share their perspectives and practices on work-life balance, how they define “success”, and the things that make life truly fulfilling. We hope you enjoy it. You can also feel free to subscribe to the newsletter at directechlabs.com/resources. Thanks for listening.

Guys Telling Stories Podcast

Guys Telling Stories seeks out fascinating stories from innovators, entrepreneurs, athletes, & entertainers. Hosted by Rich Douglas and Bill Easton, the show's goal is to provide entertainment and motivation to its listeners, encouraging them to pursue their ambitions and dreams, while enjoying the storytelling of the amazing guests.

Unlearning Podcast | Wirtschaft |Erfolg | Unternehmertum | Marketing | Für eine Karriere und Leben, das du liebst | Mit Gunnar Schuster

Willst du erfolgreich werden? Willst du wissen, warum andere Menschen erfolgreich sind? Erfolg kann man lernen. Erfolg ist nicht konform. Erfolg ist anders. Das ist der Unlearning-Podcast. Hier lernst du, wie Unternehmer, Trainer, Coaches, Autoren - kurz inspirierende Personen - gesellschaftlich antrainierte Denkweisen abgelegt haben und ihrer Leidenschaft gefolgt sind. Du erhältst deren Erfolgsgeschichten, um daraus zu lernen. Du wirst hautnah deren persönliche Geschichte erfahren. Du erfährst, welche Ängste, Sorgen und Frustrationen diese Menschen hatten. Sodass du letztlich lernen kannst, wie andere Menschen ihren Traum leben, du von deren Expertise lernst und dir das in deinem Leben, in deiner Beziehung, in deinem Business helfen kann, um letztlich eine Karriere und Leben zu erschaffen, das du liebst. Daher wird unser Interviewgast detailliert über diesen Bereich seines Lebens sprechen. Wir untersuchen die Situation und die Handlungen und finden heraus, was diese Person getan hat, um aus dieser Situation herauszukommen und deren Erfolgsstrategien für ihren Erfolg. Letztlich erhältst du eine Abkürzung für deinen Erfolg. Du erhältst Erfolg am Ohr. Dazu kommt noch, dass es am Ende eines jeden Interviews eine abschließende Fragerunde gibt. Dort wirst du unter anderem erfahren, was das größte Hindernis war, dass diese Person im Leben zurückgehalten hat, welches Buch er oder sie empfiehlt, 3 Ratschläge was sie anders machen würde und wir werden unseren Interviewgast fragen was er oder sie machen würde, wenn sie nur mit ihrem Wissen und ihrer Erfahrung komplett neu starten müssten. Ich glaube diese Frage ist besonders wertvoll. Insbesondere, wenn du Unternehmer, Solopreneur und auch ein Mensch bist, der gerne sein eigenes Business haben will. Vielleicht investierst du deine komplette Zeit in eine Sache. Vielleicht bist du gerade auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen, einer neuen Herangehensweise oder dir fehlt noch etwas um das nächste Level erreichen. Dann könnten die Einsichten dieser erfolgreichen Unternehmer, Autoren, Trainer und Coaches dir vielleicht dabei helfen das nächste Level zu erreichen. Zusammengefasst: - Lerne von den Fehlern anderer anstatt sie selbst zu machen - Das Praxiswissen der Unternehmer, das du in keinem Buch findest - Erprobtes Wissen und Systeme erfolgreicher Unternehmer Du bist der Durchschnitt der 5 Menschen mit denen du dich umgibst: Daher gilt... Erfolgreiches Unternehmersein ist erlernbar! Am besten von anderen erfolgreichen Unternehmern!