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EP 061 Reap the Benefits of Solo Travel in Your Own Backyard

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 01/26/2018

BB Peters is one of the founders of Boom Goddess Radio and an Account Executive at Natural Awakenings Magazine. As a daughter of immigrant parents, BB was accustomed to being very independent and traveling solo in her own backyard at a young age. As BB got older, she would often take solo work trips, but even then she would still find herself traveling solo in her own city. On the show, BB encourages you to take baby steps within your own state if you don’t feel comfortable jet-setting 5,000 miles into the unknown.


Key Takeaways:

*How did BB get started in solo travel?

*When BB was 11, she had to help her immigrant parents with the language barrier when they first arrived in the United States.

*There are a lot of women out there solo traveling for work, but because it’s work, they don’t really count it as real solo travel.

*You don’t have to be this huge world traveler to reap the benefits of solo travel.

*BB shares a story about a quick solo trip she took right in her backyard.

*Jennifer loves to take people on ‘challenge’ weekends where they get to practice using public transportation for the first time.

*Don’t take your own backyard for granted. There’s a ton of things you can do solo within your own city!

*Has BB ever been fearful of her safety while traveling solo?

*What advice does BB have for women who are on the fence about traveling solo?

*Instead of getting stressed when something goes wrong, just accept and embrace it. You’ll be much more open to change that way.

*You don’t have to jump into solo travel with both feet. You can take baby steps!

*How does BB’s family react to her solo adventures?

*BB recently took a trip to Costa Rica! What was that trip like?

*How can a woman stay safe while traveling?


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