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EP 063: 10 Years Later: Still in Love with Japan and the Culture

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 02/09/2018

Becky Gillespie was 22 when she moved to Tokyo for a year. After that experience, she was hooked. Now, she’s a permanent resident of Japan and completely in love with the city. On the show, Becky discusses the cultural differences (and the language barrier!) between Japanese and American culture, her trip to New Zealand, and her thoughts about Colombia.


Key Takeaways:

*Why did Becky go from living in Ohio to living in Tokyo for a year? How did her family take it?

*Becky did this trip in 2004 and travel has drastically changed since then with the advancement of technology.

*How has social media helped Becky travel?

*What was Becky’s first living abroad experience like?

*Becky has been to 53 countries and Japan is the safest one she’s been to.

*Did Becky struggle with the language?

*Becky loves, loves the food. It’s also so incredibly clean there for the number of people that live there.

*What kind of challenges did Becky face while she was there?

*Becky accidentally flashed her doctor due to the language barrier.

*In Japan, people are afraid of tattoos and you’re not allowed to go into the hot springs if you have them.

*Becky now has permanent residency in Japan. How does Becky’s family feel about her going away for long stints?

*Becky is now in New Zealand. How does she like it so far?

*What’s Becky’s lifestyle like right now? How does she structure work?

*What’s going on in Colombia?

*How does Becky find her travel partners?

*What advice does Becky have for someone who wants to travel, solo or with a partner?


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