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EP 067: Why Wait for the Kids to Grow Up?

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 03/09/2018

Megan Hamilton started solo traveling when she was in her mid-40s. She homeschools her two children and her husband is always traveling internationally for work. Prior to solo travel, she was constantly waiting for this phase of her life to be over so that she could finally do what she’s always wanted to do… until it hit her. Why wait! She can raise a family and travel, all she needs to do is make slight adjustments to her lifestyle to make this dream come true.


Key Takeaways:

*Where was Megan in her life when she first began to solo travel?

*Megan was waiting for her girls to grow up before she could really go fulfill her dreams.

*When Megan and her husband traveled together, it was always a compromise.

*How did Megan take her first baby step into solo travel?

*When Megan was on her own, she felt empowered. She was finally able to relax without trying to adjust or compromise for the family.

*What did Megan’s family and friends say when they heard she was going to be traveling alone?

*Megan’s solo travel has opened up so many possibilities in the family. Both of Megan’s daughters will be traveling internationally!

*Someone accused Megan of having affair because a married mother of two ‘just doesn’t travel solo.’

*After Quebec, what was Megan’s next solo adventure?

*What kind of things does Megan like to do while she’s traveling?

*Megan shares her travel tips or rules that she follows before each trip.

*Megan talks about her two daughters and some of their travel aspirations for the future.


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