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EP 073: Don’t Follow the Trend, Create Your Own Destiny

Go Solo Live

Release Date: 04/20/2018

Susi Kaeufer is a digital nomad, mindset coach, and visibility strategist for female entrepreneurs and nomads. Growing up in Germany, Susi never liked the idea of a desk job. However, everyone else around her did not know or understand what it was like to have a different kind of lifestyle, and they actively discouraged her from traveling solo indefinitely. They’d often say, “You need a job!” Well, through meeting other location-independent professionals, Susi was inspired to start her own business and live her life on her own terms!


Key Takeaways:

*Where did Susi grow up?

*It was tough for Susi. She wanted to travel and not be in an office, but everyone around her told her that she “needed a job.”

*How did Susi get started on her solo journey?

*Susi shares how she researched for her solo travel trip and prepared her family for the inevitable.

*Susi temporarily worked in Australia and … it was awesome!

*How did Susi begin to plan her location independent business?

*How did Susi build her network while she was in a foreign country?

*What’s it like being a life coach?

*Susi helps her clients find what business style is natural to them and helps them shine on social media in an authentic way.

*We can live in a world of ‘ands’… not ‘ors.’

*You will always know what’s best for you in your life. No one else can give you ‘advice’ on how to live your life.


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