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Alix Turoff Nutrition Podcast

I BELIEVE THAT UNSUSTAINABLE DIETS AND EXERCISE REGIMENS ARE WHAT KEEP US STUCK IN THE WEIGHT LOSS AND WEIGHT GAIN CYCLE. I get you… I was you! I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight, I’ve felt fat, I’ve felt too skinny and everywhere in between. My eating habits and body image were disordered AF thanks to really stupid nutrition information and crazy diets. Through science-based nutrition education and mindful eating, I have found the key to having it all. It’s possible to eat delicious food, drink cocktails, exercise because you enjoy it and live in a body that you’re proud of. And I want to teach you how!

The B Team

Just a podcast, with great guests. This show covers all different kinds of topics and will make you laugh.

Dave Kahle's Practical Wisdom

Wisdom and Resources for Your LIfe Helping sales professionals and business executives sell better, lead better and live better.

America Then & Now

A Look At America's Unique Heritage.


Inclusion 247 is the Podcast show for busy professionals who want to know how to create an inclusive workplace culture and make a difference in society as a whole. At Inclusion 247 we recognise that Diversity and Inclusion is around us 247 and not just when people are looking(!) The Inclusion 247 podcast show will widen the discussion around inclusion, diversity and belonging as well as provide education, and motivation, leaving you feeling inspired to take action. Inclusion 247 is brought to you fortnightly when I'll be talking with some of the most inspiring thought leaders of today where they’ll share their experience and knowledge into the work they’re doing to break down barriers.

Humans Under Management - All Things Behavioural Finance Advice

Financial Advice is a noble profession. For too long we have allowed its path to be dictated by ill-informed commentators who’ve not internalised the challenge correctly. You could say that our guns have been facing the wrong enemy. We continue to see advancements that are not designed to make people better investors or have better financial outcomes. The media’s focus is on selection and timing, which has never been proven to work. We know success will be driven by planning and controlling natural misconceptions and biases (our ‘behaviour’ in one word). I also thought that government and regulation was designed to optimise client outcomes however, the more I read about behavioural financial advice, the more the mist clears to reveal a mighty gap between compliance expectation and the real life outcome of clients. Nick Murray’s teachings have had the biggest effect on me. I agree with his notion that the bulk of our value will be derived from behaviour modification and that everything else we do is effectively thrown in for free or near to. We face an almighty challenge, as our teachings will be countercultural and also counterintuitive. Giving people what they need has never been easy - feeding people what they want is a simple path to ill-gotten gains. All of the studies prove humans are bad decision makers - show me a study that says humans are rational? Making bad decisions around your money and financial planning will have a profound impact on you and the generations that come after you. If we can alter the financial direction of millions of families, just think of the good we can do. We need to ensure we don’t promote any practices that are financially self-destructive. There’s no such thing as money troubles, there’s only humans with money troubles. We have a choice – to promote activities that ensure clients behave their way to wealth, or promote activities that enable clients to behave their way to poverty. My hope with HUM is to promote, highlight and build on the work that great advisers are doing in developing their behavioural financial advice practices. For me, this is like seeing colour television, when the rest of the profession is still in black and white. This isn’t a fad or a phase - this is who we are. Individually we can’t, together we can.

Macros & Motivation Beautiful Peach Podcast

I’m your host, Caitlen Schmidt, here to help empower you to find your most unwavering love, beauty, and kindness for yourself inside and out! I, along with guest experts that I will be bringing onto my podcast, will be teaching you nutrition and macro tracking secrets, motivating the HECK out of you so you will want to leap up and start conquering all of your goals right away, and bringing you the light at the end of the tunnel so you can discover that self-love and truly become the most confident beautiful peach possible!! If you are ready to take a step, or massive leap closer to becoming the Confident, Empowered QUEEN I know you are, grab a pen and paper, or if your in the car or at the gym, bump up the volume just a little so we can drown out the gym grunters next to you and let's dive on in.

Rebranding Cannabis

Rebranding Cannabis is a series powered by Wick & Mortar, the world's leading cannabis creative agency. Bringing you interviews with industry leaders, discussing the evolving cannabis landscape.

The FBB Youthcast

The FBB Youthcast is a podcast that gives young people a voice on topics that they are passionate about in an adult-dominated space.

ACFAS On Demand

Our mission is to advance the competency of our members and the care of our patients.

The Sister Merci Podcast

Sister Merci is an agency hyper-focused on the cannabis space. This podcast is just rammed full of cannabis insights, news and hilarious jokes!

Betaniapodden - en LSS pod

En podcast som rör sig i och kring LSS för alla som är intresserade av att reflektera i mötet med människor. Av och med Tomas Arvidsson och David Almgren som båda arbetar på Föreningen Betaniahemmet i Göteborg. Tomas utbildar sig till stödassistent, har drygt 10 års erfarenhet av yrket och arbetar på Nya Varvets dagliga verksamhet. David har över 20 års erfarenhet och har arbetat på Betania sedan 2005. Arbetade tidigare på föreningens gruppbostäder och dagliga verksamheter men arbetar sedan några år tillbaka med föreningens IT-, dokumentation- och kvalitetsfrågor. Tanken med podden är att reflektera över de mjuka omätbara områden som är en viktig del av yrket, exempelvis: lyhördhet, flexibilitet, bemötande och respekt. Målet är även att se på frågor ur olika perspektiv och inte bara personalens. Kort sagt en organisk podcast i dialogform där inte alla svar eller lösningar finns utan du som lyssnar får ett ämne att reflektera vidare över.