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The Improvement Project - Good Habits, Intentional Living and Becoming a Better Human

The Improvement Project is a podcast about dabbling in self improvement to become a better human through challenging yourself to take on good habits to become more productive, more creative, happier, healthier and overall, your own best self. Listen in and play along as Dr. Peggy Malone takes on the challenge of getting intentional about her habits under the watchful eye of her accountability partner and friend, Jenny Couse. If you are looking to add new habits that will help you to be your own best self, this is the podcast for you!

Becoming Nature Podcast

This podcast is here to inspire you to come closer to nature; practically, spiritually and bodily. Guests on this show share their wisdom and ways and inspire you on ways to live more sustainably, connected to the Earth beneath your feet and to each other. The conversations will spark new choices you can make your own life to leave a gentle footprint on the planet.

Liebe kann alles - Der Beziehungspodcast mit Eva-Maria & Wolfram Zurhorst

In unserem „Liebe kann alles“ Podcast geben wir Ihnen Einblick in unsere gemeinsame Arbeit als Paarcoaches und in die Liebe kann alles Frauenwelt. Zeigen Ihnen in den wöchentlichen Episoden zum Anhören, wie wir in unseren Coachings mit tausenden von Menschen Lösungen für ihre Beziehungsprobleme gefunden haben, geben aber auch immer wieder Einblick in unseren eigenen Weg als Paar. Eva-Maria Zurhorst ermutigt Frauen, ihrem Herzen zu folgen und ihren Weg zu gehen und zeigt einen neuen Weg der Selbstermächtigung. Wolfram Zurhorst hilft Männern und Frauen - gerne auch mit einem Augenzwinkern - einen Zugang zu persönlicher Entwicklung auf moderne, alltagstaugliche Weise zu finden. Es gibt regelmäßig spannende, berührende und aufklärende Experteninterviews und es gibt authentische Coachingstipps und Antworten auf ihre Herzensfragen. Für uns ist unser “Liebe kann alles” Podcast quasi unser eigener kleiner Radiosender, den Sie sich hier, aber auch bei iTunes und Spotify anhören können – eine Plattform für neues Wissen und berührende Geschichten um Liebe, Partnerschaft, persönliche Weiterentwicklung und ein erfülltes Leben.

The Female Wellness Hub Podcast

Women are taking ownership of their health from nutrition, fitness and motherhood. Each week join Elysia Doody, Wellness Consultant & Functional Nutritionist for powerful insights and interviews that will leave you inspired and ready to create a body you feel good in.

Donnie's Success Champions

I believe we are all on a journey. Everything we do, our wins-losses, successes, and failures are all part of the adventure. These are the life lessons the shape us into who we become as we teach the world through our stories. Donnie's Success Champions are Ordinary People, Entrepreneurs, Veterans, First Responders, Business Owners and visionaries that have a story to tell. These champions are pure badasses plain and simple. Enjoy their stories and we all continue on our journey.

Everyday Inspiring Women podcast

Everyone has a story. Sharing our story can inspire, make those around us feel less alone and heal us. I happen to think some of the most powerful stories are the ones from the people you know...the everyday inspiring women in our lives. These are my friend's stories...

Weigh In Radio

A weight loss podcast dedicated to motivate, educate, and inspire others to be successful with their own weight loss struggles. Hosted, and produced by Don Moe a former almost 500 lb male who struggled with morbid obesity for over 30 years until bariatric surgery changed his life. After he lost 250 lbs in 15 months, Don dedicated his life to telling his story in the hopes it would help others. This show interviews other weight loss patients who have battled obesity and won, regardless of the method used. Join us as Don talks to traditional dieters, other bariatric patients, fitness buffs, physicians, and other industry professionals as they share their stories one episode at a time. Their knowledge and information is shared to inspire, educate, motivate, and inform you in the hopes it will assist you in regaining control of your own life so you can be successful in battling your own weight loss demons. Join Don and his guests as they "weigh-in" on current weight loss related issues. No topic(s) are to sensitive, no question(s) to personal as they explore the secret to defeating obesity for good. Come On...It's time... Time to Weigh In!

Bones To Bulk

Tired of fitness being over-complicated? Yeah me too. Simple and applicable workout and nutrition advice in bite sized 10 minute episodes.

Healthy Family Project

Conversations covering hot topics in the world of health, food and family with a dose of fun. Helping families ease their way into a new fresh and healthy world.

Developing Young Athletes Network Podcast

Are you a coach, parent or someone involved in the life of a young athlete? Are you looking for resources and information that can improve their overall development on and off the field while making a positive impact on their lives? If your answer is yes then the DYA Network is here to serve you. On the show we will provide real life examples and time tested advice that will help you motivate and inspire young athletes to reach their fullest potential in sports, life and develop the champion within. Topics on self-confidence building, coaching tips, strength and conditioning, sports performance, injury prevention, fitness evolution, speed training, team building, flexibility, physical readiness, technical skills, mindset, mental toughness, nutrition, goal-setting, concussion education, college recruiting plus much more from the best experts in their field. DYA Network is a one stop shop podcast for total development of the young athlete. The clock is ticking...so let the games begin and join us today.

SomaPnevma with Stefi Vasilopoulou

Το 'The SomaPnevma Show', η Στέφη Βασιλοπούλου, παρουσιάζει ιστορίες και συνεντεύξεις προσώπων που σκέφτονται διαφορετικά και καινοτομούν στον τομέα τους- από ιατρούς, αθλητές και καλλιτέχνες μέχρι CEO's και πνευματικούς θεραπευτές. Συζητάμε για νέους τρόπους να βλέπεις τα πράγματα, και για φρέσκιες, δημιουργικές ιδέες που μας εμπνέουν να ζούμε ακόμα καλύτερα!

Awaken The Mind - The NLP & Hypnosis Guide

You’re listening to Awaken the mind - the NLP and Hypnosis guide. A podcast that inspires the curious to the professional, to discover meaningful content and pursue their passions. My name is David Youhas and I’m a master NLP and Time Line Therapy® practitioner and Hypnotist, best known for loosing over 100 pounds and running 6 marathons in 2 years. And I’m sitting down with hypnotists and NLP practitioners and coaches, to talk about their process, the lessons they’ve learned and how to make an impact in the lives of others.