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Self Care Passport

Janae Fletcher through solocasts and interviews deliveries up practical and magical ideas for your personal and professional life. Learn how to create a self care lifestyle that you love by saying YES and sometimes NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She dives into a variety of topics centered around Simplicity, Abundance and Embodied Living.

Go To War

Are you TRULY the best version of who you could be?? The answer is either “yes” or “no.” Most people (if they were to tell themselves the REAL truth) would say no. Jon Paramore is a man who is teaching the art and mindset of what it TRULY means to “GO TO WAR” with yourself in order to become the VERY best version of who you truly are. Not just in your health and fitness, but in your relationships, your spirituality, and most of all, with yourself. This “GTW” mindset is exactly what Jon used to build all of his companies and is what his clients are currently using to build their empires as well. The GTW Podcast covers everything impacting entrepreneurs in today’s world and what it takes to avoid falling into the common pitfalls of complacency. Jon also talks about LIFE and what it takes to live in a way that most people avoid through sedation and avoidance. Learn what it takes to LIVE the GO TO WAR lifestyle and become the person you know you are, deep down inside.

The Dental Student Podcast

What's up Everybody! It's the Dental Student Podcast! Tune in to join Onni Franco as he takes you behind the scenes of real dental school/residency experiences, gives out true and tried advice, and exposes you to dental students' unfiltered takes on life. DSP was the first podcast put on by dental students. The goal of the podcast to be a source of information for pre-dental students, dental students, residents, and even newly graduated dentists who may not have otherwise been exposed to varying perspectives and topics that are at the forefront of millennial dentists. Dentist Podcast. Dentistry Podcast. Dental Student.

Edge of Aging

A podcast that aims to open minds by examining aging, caregiving, and the intersection of healthcare as an opportunity to reshape how we partner in care. Thought leaders Cooper Linton and Nicole Clagett are reimagining aging and eldercare one idea at a time.

A Sober Girls Guide

Jessica Jeboult is a Sober Girl. After trying to get sober for nearly 10 years, Jessica is here to share her experiences along the way to complete and utter sobriety. From health and fitness to relationships, dating and even sober sex. This hilariously witty and casual approach to an otherwise daunting subject is sure to give you some solid tips and tricks to getting and staying sober. Jessica features special guests and highlights kick-ass sober boss babes. A Sober Girls Guide is reinventing the sober lifestyle. Providing fun and accessible tools for modern-day sobriety.

Let's Purify! Holistic Decluttering

Let's Purify! Holistic Decluttering is your go-to source for home decluttering inspiration with a holistic twist! Using the Purification method, Michael provides tips, ideas, stories, and more dedicated to decluttering, downsizing, and becoming crystal clear about your relationship with your 'stuff'. You'll receive practical guidance, support, and encouragement to bring a spiritual approach to cleaning out the accumulated belongings in your attic, basement, garage, closet, corners and anywhere else things have become stagnant.

Cycle Cafe Pott Cast

Der Cycle Cafe Podcast erscheint alle 14 Tage und behandelt alles was auch nur irgendwie mit den Rennrad zu tun hat und nicht bei drei auf den Bäumen ist. Veranstaltungen auf denen ich gewesen bin, Touren die gemacht wurden, Produkttests, Reisetipps, Cafe Bars, Traininspläne und deren Scheitern. All you need about!

The Change Healthcare Podcast

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company, focused on accelerating the transformation of the healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform. We provide data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial, administrative, and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system. Learn more at changehealthcare.com.

Current Balance - Financial Education | Money Tips | Personal Well-being

Money affects every part of our lives - our work, our relationships, even our physical health. But, for some reason, we just don't talk about it. Pillar Credit Union wants to change that with our new resource for your financial fitness - Current Balance. This podcast is one part of an effort to have a real conversation about money and all the ways it impacts your life. Current Balance includes in-depth articles, reviews of the latest financial management books and apps, delicious money-saving recipes, and more. It's all about increasing your money smarts and decreasing your money stress. And it's all powered by Pillar Credit Union.

About IBD

About IBD focuses on issues vital to people living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease). Patients, physicians, and caregivers give their opinions and advice on a variety of topics including nutrition, treatments, mental health, family dynamics, and sexuality as it relates to living with IBD.

Going Viral

The science & history podcast all about PANDEMICS Series 1: Join the ‘disease detectives’ Mark Honigsbaum and Hannah Mawdsley as they investigate the most devastating pandemic of all time: the 1918 Spanish influenza. Part scientific detective story, part historical inquiry, 'Going Viral' takes listeners to the scene of a viral crime and in the process recovers the experience of the world’s deadliest virus, which is 100 years old. Series 2: The Covid Files, 100 years after the deadly Spanish Flu, Mark and guests discuss the many faces of the Covid-19 pandemic. What lessons can we learn from history? Series 3: It’s the science story of the century - how successful vaccines against Covid-19 have been created in under a year, and in 'Vaxx and the Facts', Mark takes a deep dive into the history and science of vaccinations – exploring how they work; where they come from and where they may be going. Follow our news on Twitter @GoingViral_pod

Work-Life Uprising

Work-Life Uprising is a podcast by Dara Paoletti, a life coach who helps people ditch overwhelm and burnout so they have more energy and enthusiasm every single day. The show focuses on self-care, maintaining work-life balance and avoiding burnout in a fun, bite-sized format.