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The ONLY question you need to ask yourself


Release Date: 01/14/2024

Embracing Imperfection- How to let go of perfection and imposter syndrome show art Embracing Imperfection- How to let go of perfection and imposter syndrome


Hey there,   I have a vulnerable share. I’ve struggled with perfectionism these past few years, and it’s been so paralyzing that it’s silenced my voice and my gifts as a teacher and coach.   In the online coaching world, the pressure to be flawless, to have all the answers and to be the expert has been overwhelming. Perfectionism has caused to show up inauthentically (hello imposter syndrome!) …or show up as a flat version of my personality… or worse - not show up at all!... only to be met with shame for not doing and being more.   Perfectionism is like a sneaky thief,...

Slaying Self-Doubt (mantra and meditation) show art Slaying Self-Doubt (mantra and meditation)


Do you ever have those days where self-doubt just seems to sneak in and rain on your parade? Yup, me too.   In my book on how to quiet our Itty-Bitty-Shitty-Committee, I share about The Four Horsemen: Comparison, Self-Doubt, Perfectionism, and Judgment that slays our self-worth.   Personally, I've gone through a lot of transition over the past 3 years and have struggled a lot with the Four Horsemen that slays our self-worth.   Each week this month, I share how we can befriend each of these horsemen and ways to choose to align with our True abundant Self. After having my second...

How to Let Go of Comparison and Embrace your True Self  🥰 show art How to Let Go of Comparison and Embrace your True Self 🥰


🌟 Embrace Your True Self: Letting Go of Comparison 🌟   Ever find yourself caught in the comparison game? It's like a sneaky whisper that tells us we're not measuring up.   But guess what? Comparison robs us of our joy! It pulls us away from our true selves, leaving us feeling insecure and unworthy. 🚫   To help you break free from that comparison trap:   🛑 Pause and Notice: When comparison starts creeping in, notice it and take a deep breath to pause from getting looped into it’s story. Breathe and create space from the narrative to help ground yourself in the...

How to BE with your emotions without BEING them (meditation to be with your triggers) show art How to BE with your emotions without BEING them (meditation to be with your triggers)


Hey soul friend,   How often do we let our inner critic spin us into old dramas?  🙋🏻‍♀️   We get triggered by something or someone, and suddenly we're knee-deep in an old drama, replaying the same story over and over again.   During my recent trip to Florida, a friend shared a powerful insight: the inner work is about being with our experiences without being consumed by them.   This is the essence of mindfulness. The more we can hold space for our experiences without letting them take over, the more freedom we find.   In today's meditation on the...

Embracing Imperfections: Discover Your Superpower with Wabi Sabi ✨ show art Embracing Imperfections: Discover Your Superpower with Wabi Sabi ✨


Hi there soul friend! Growing up, I was often labeled as "too emotional" or "too sensitive," which led me to believe that my sensitivity was my flaw. But through my spiritual journey, I've had a revelation – my sensitivity is my superpower! It's what led me to discover my true calling as a self-love coach, guiding others on their paths to self-discovery and healing.   Wabi Sabi is a beautiful Japanese concept that celebrates imperfection and impermanence. It's all about finding beauty in life's irregularities, rather than striving for unattainable perfection. What if instead of striving...

Stay Grounded: Tips for Finding Peace Amidst Life's Chaos show art Stay Grounded: Tips for Finding Peace Amidst Life's Chaos


Hey there, If you're feeling a little frazzled and ungrounded, I hope today's podcast and love letter for your Soul helps you stay centered to yourself and what truly matters. Last week was a whirlwind of foggy chaos: Two sick kiddos at home meant sleepless nights and the added pressure to "get it all done" in less time. 🤯 Picture this: I strut into a yoga class, only to realize in the lobby that I'm rocking just my bra (not my sports bra). Talk about a fashion faux pas! And to top it off, the next day, I hit the gym with my leggings on backward. GET. IT. TOGETHER, AUDREY!   After...

Ignite Your Inner Goddess show art Ignite Your Inner Goddess


Hey there, beautiful soul!   Just returned from a quick Florida vacation, and let me tell you, it was like a sip of pure sunshine for my spirit.   There's something rejuvinating about reconnecting with friends who knew you long before diapers and bedtime stories took over to remind you of who you were.   When I got back home, a friend texted me: "I forgot how funny you are!" I excitedly showed it to my hubby, exclaiming, "See? I've still got it!"   These past three years of motherhood? Phew, they've been quite the rollercoaster ride!   Amidst the chaos of diapers and...

1-min Self-Love Check-In show art 1-min Self-Love Check-In


Hey there,   Feeling the lunar vibes this week? I sure was!   The full moon had me in a bit of a funk for about 24 hours! Everything seemed to be a trigger, from kid tantrums to everyday transitions. I was moody and edgy, definitely not the best version of myself.   But, here's the kicker: I stumbled upon a game-changer – a one-minute daily self-love check-in.   It's been my go-to for reining in my mood swings and staying grounded in what truly nourishes my mind, body and soul.   Curious to join the 1-minute self-love check-in? Have a listen to this week's episdoe...

One Tweak A Week to Reach Your Dreams show art One Tweak A Week to Reach Your Dreams


Today is a simple mantra: “one tweak each week”   Last week, I started working out again (after not really moving my body much for GULP, 4 YEARS!). I had 2 babies and a pandemic and a move/remodel. But my baby is almost 3 years old, and there’s no excuses, plus I feel like crap!   So I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness and made a commitment to myself to work out for 5 days. Last week was my first week, but I ate like crap - we’re talking 5 indulgent meals a day at about 3000 calories. So, although I was working out like an athlete, I was eating like a lumberjack!   I...

Completion show art Completion


Today’s episode is about completion.    HUH? What does this have to do with self-love or mindfulness?    When we don’t complete our tasks, it chips at our self worth. If we have a running list of all the things we need to do, this ever growing list can feel overwhelming, anxiety inducing and stressful.   Completion of our tasks builds self worth, confidence and relieves stress.   Journal:  What projects or tasks have I left unfinished? (this could be as simple as finishing reading a book, or sending out an email to a larger project or dream) What...

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Setting a new year’s goal, resolution or an intention can get complicated. Our mind wants to figure it all out, work backwards to make our goal happen.


In today’s meditation, you just need to ask your heart ONE question to gain crystal clear, potent clarity.


💫 What do I want? 💫


Resist the need to ask Why, When or How questions right now.

These tend to be answered from our mind to try to figure out a solution or plan.


Just ask:

What do I want most?


How do I want to feel?


Let yourself get quiet and listen to the whisper of your heart.


Listen for the potent answer.

This is your soul speaking your Truth.


All will unfold beautifully.


Share with me what you want and how you want to feel.


I love hearing from you!



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