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The Myth of White Supremacy and the Process of Deprogramming

Hey White Women

Release Date: 07/09/2024

In this conversation, Daniella Mestyanek Young and Rebecca discuss their experiences with cults and the deconstruction of white supremacy. They explore the stages of leaving a cult and the process of deprogramming from the myth of white supremacy. They also touch on topics such as privilege, racism, and the impact of cult dynamics on society. The conversation highlights the need for self-reflection, questioning societal norms, and working towards equality. In this conversation, Daniella and Rebecca discuss the importance of self-reflection and deconstructing the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy. They emphasize the need for white women to recognize their privilege and actively work to dismantle oppressive systems. They also discuss the power of vulnerability and the role of social media in spreading awareness and creating change. The conversation touches on topics such as the cult-like nature of societal systems, the challenges of living authentically within capitalism, and the role of art and creativity in personal growth.



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  • There are three stages of leaving a cult: waking up, cracking the brainwashing, and physically and mentally leaving the cult.
  • Deconstructing from the myth of white supremacy requires a process of deprogramming that can take years.
  • White supremacy is like a cult, and deconstructing it involves questioning societal norms and recognizing the impact of privilege and racism.
  • Cult dynamics, such as the need to defend the good intentions of the group, can be observed in white supremacy and other systems of oppression.
  • Recognizing and challenging the sacred assumptions of white supremacy is essential for dismantling the system and creating equality. Recognize and reflect on your own privilege and the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy that perpetuate inequality.
  • Challenge and dismantle oppressive systems by actively working to create change.
  • Embrace vulnerability and use your voice to spread awareness and inspire others to take action.
  • Question and deconstruct your own beliefs and behaviors to ensure they align with your values and promote equality.
  • Find ways to live authentically and resist the pressures of capitalism and societal expectations.
  • Use art and creativity as a means of personal growth and self-expression.
Sound Bites
  • "White supremacy is like a booger"
  • "White supremacy starts radicalizing you the second you set foot here"
  • "Deconstructing white supremacy is a process of self-reflection and questioning"
  • "Hey, black women, if you're alone in a conference room and someone's about to walk in and it's gonna be a white person, would you rather be a white man or a white woman?"
  • "White women are the men of women."
  • "Once you can name it, you can fix it."
00:00Introduction and Background
02:32Growing Up in Diverse Communities and Discovering Cult Dynamics
05:22Creating Safe Spaces for Black People to Share with White People
07:49Leaving Seattle and Deconstructing White Supremacy
10:11White Supremacy as a Booger and Challenging Sacred Assumptions
13:07The Radicalization of White Supremacy and Deconstructing Beauty Standards
20:49The Interconnectedness of Patriarchy and White Supremacy
25:01The Need to Stack Rank and the Impact of White Supremacy
28:18Questioning the Cult of Capitalism and Valuing Humanization
31:04The Con of White Supremacy and the Benefits of Equality
37:02The Power of Vulnerability and Spreading Awareness
48:56Living Authentically and Resisting Capitalism
53:28Art and Creativity as Tools for Personal Growth