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Authentic Men's Group podcast

Welcome to the Authentic Men's Group Podcast, where real conversations spark real change! Hosted by Brian Frizzell, Brock Frizzell, and Reid Horn—licensed therapists and certified Authentic Men's Group coaches—our podcast is a beacon for men ready to get real and have real conversations about what matters most. Based in Springfield, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee, our mission at AMG (Authentic Men's Group) is simple yet profound: We help men get real so they can get what they really want in life, love, and their legacy. What’s Inside ● Deep Dives into Masculinity: Each month, we explore the many aspects of modern manhood—from emotional vulnerability and authenticity to mental health, career success and failures, and relationships. Our discussions tackle topics men wrestle with but often discuss only in whispers if at all. ● Success Stories: Hear the victories and journeys of men just like you. We share real-life examples from our local and online groups, highlighting the paths of men who have embraced their authentic selves. ● Curated Knowledge: Don’t have time to sift through books and endless resources? We do it for you. We break down key insights from the latest in thought-challenging leadership resources, relationship books, mental health resources, and more that are pertinent to men's growth, saving you time and giving you the essentials to thrive. ● Real Talk: Authenticity is what we are all about. We open up about our own journeys, practicing what we preach by sharing the ups and downs of our own lives, providing you with relatable, real-world applications of our teachings. Join Our Community: Join us for our monthly podcast episodes where we confront the myths of masculinity, celebrate the progress of our AMG community members, and offer insights into using adversity as a stepping stone to personal success. This podcast isn’t just about listening—it's about transforming alongside a community of men dedicated to authenticity and vulnerability. Subscribe to the AMG Podcast today and take the first step on your journey toward authentic masculinity. Together, let’s get real and achieve what we really want!

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