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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Join the UK's leading and most controversial pet business coach Dom Hodgson, as he goes off the leash and shares the business building secrets that will fix your pet business. If you are a dog trainer, dog walker or a dog groomer then this show will provide the marketing education you need to put your business growth on steroids.

info_outline 223 - Your 2023 Pet Business Cost of Living Crisis Survival Plan! 07/01/2022
info_outline Episode 222 - Meet IMPACT 23 Keynote Speaker, The Disney Guy, Vance Morris! 06/24/2022
info_outline Episode 221 - What REALLY Went Down at IMPACT 22 - The Pet Business Success Summit 06/20/2022
info_outline Episode 220 - How to Build an Award Winning Dog Adventure Park, with PBIC Marketer of the Year Cathy King 06/17/2022
info_outline Episode 219 - Pet Business Strategy vs Pet Business Tactics 06/10/2022
info_outline Episode 218 - Canine Copy Masterclass with Coffeeshop Copywriter, Mike Samuels 06/03/2022
info_outline Episode 217 - Who's REALLY in Charge of Your Pet Business? 05/27/2022
info_outline Episode 216 - What Happens at a Pet Business Mastermind? 05/27/2022
info_outline Episode 215 - How to Affect MASSIVE Change In Your Pet Business 05/20/2022
info_outline Episode 214 - How to Get More Sh!t Done in Your Pet Business, so you can have more time off to do FUN stufff with your family! 05/13/2022
info_outline Episode 213 - Sneak 'Behind the Scenes' Peak at IMPACT 2022 - The Pet Business Success Summit 05/09/2022
info_outline Episode 212 - How to Fix Your P!ss Poor Pet Business Productivity! 04/29/2022
info_outline Episode 211 - The Pet Business Premium Pricing Masterclass 04/22/2022
info_outline Episode 210 - How to Change Careers and Launch a Premium Dog Walking and Boarding Business, with Sara Barnes. 04/18/2022
info_outline Episode 209 - How to Protect Your Pet Business From the Cost of Living Crisis 04/15/2022
info_outline Episode 208 - What Happens at a Pet Business Bootcamp? 04/11/2022
info_outline Episode 207 - How to Switch Careers and Start a Successful Pet Care Business with Poppa Paul Smith 04/08/2022
info_outline Episode 206 - Why Amy Smith is Coming to IMPACT 2022 - The Pet Business Success Summit 04/04/2022
info_outline Episode 205 - How to Add a Membership to Your Dog Training Business 04/01/2022
info_outline Episode 204 - How Adding a Membership Can Transform Your Pet Business 03/28/2022
info_outline Episode 203 - Why You Need to do BIG Things to Move Your Pet Business Forward 03/25/2022
info_outline Episode 202 - How To Niche Your Dog Walking Business with Maria and Pete from the Sighthound Savoy 03/18/2022
info_outline Episode 201 - How to Add New Services to Your Existing Pet Business 03/11/2022
info_outline Episode 200 - The 200th Celebration Episode of the Worlds Greatest Pet Business Podcast! 03/07/2022
info_outline Episode 199 - How To Be An Expert Pet Professional with Sara Lamont, the Canine Family Planner 03/04/2022
info_outline Episode 198 - Would a Podcast Help Your Pet Business with Collin and Meghan Funkhouser 02/28/2022
info_outline Episode 197 - Pet Business Growth Gamechangers with Tim Jackson Owner of the Greatest Daycare 02/25/2022
info_outline Episode 196 - How to Start Your Dream Pet Business Part One - Be Different AND Do What You Love! 02/21/2022
info_outline Episode 195 - Discover the Five Big Hurdles that Newbie Dog Trainers face with the Doggy Doctor, Carol Clark 02/18/2022
info_outline Episode 194 - What to do When You Feel Flat About Your Pet Business 02/11/2022